Legal writing is referred to technical writing which is used by lawyers, judges, legislators, and other people in law. It can be used to express legal analysis and rights. However, the legal writing is used to advocate for or express the resolution of the client’s legal matter. One of the strength as being a legal writer is being able to gather the important information from cases. For example, knowing the information which is relevant to the text. This can portray that organization is the key to successful legal writing. As introducing the subject in an introductory paragraph, using transitional phrases between each of the paragraphs and introducing each of the paragraphs with the topic sentence. Furthermore, as a legal writer I am able to gather the important information when briefing a case. This is a good strength because in the future years, paralegals will need to brief cases when clients come to them with the issue they may be concerned about. As viewed in the previous assignment, the brief case had allowed each individual to learn on how to effectively pick up the important information from a text which contains numerous thoughts or ideas. It allows one to get a sense of idea on collecting information in a well manner. Being able to summarize the important information in a text is a very good organizational skill since it shows that the material is correctly put into place. However, the other strength as a legal writer is being able to connect one case and compare it with another case. For example, making connection to different stories in a brief case. This skill is significant because as a legal writer, you need to develop on how to refer to/rely upon different cases, one statute and a secondary source. This was another strength that was developed throughout the course and studying different parts of researching law. Even on the last assignment I am able to view the information and make a clear connection towards the statutes. Therefore, these are the strengths that were developed throughout the course.
As a legal writer one of the weaknesses was adding the ideas together to make it sound good and clear (concise) which also fits in vocabulary selection. This is the weakness I have seen throughout the assignments that I have received. I feel like I know what I am trying to say but at the end my sentence structure needs to improve because some sentences are not clear enough. I need to start revising my work carefully to make sure there is no spelling mistake and the sentences make sense. If I have several people to edit my work before submitting, I feel that my mark would gradually increase because sometimes you cannot find your own mistakes. This is the main cause of why my writing skills are not very strong but as I start to make revisions it will slowly start to improve. After knowing my weaknesses, I can try to improve as a legal writer by taking time out to review the assignment which has been completed. Furthermore, I can have several people to check over my work in order to make sure it is error free. This will help me to improve my sentence structure and make sure the grammar is correct. I can also refer back to other sources which are related to the case as this will help to improve my writing skills as well. Other possible ways to become better in legal writing is using an outline. The outline is very significant because it helps to organize ideas together and keeps writing more concise. If I spend few hours working on material that needs to be done, I am sure that I can become a strong writer by not using the first draft of an assignment. Therefore, this was my weakness and what I can do in order to improve as a legal writer.


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