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leftbottomSam Woodley890000Sam Woodley1000075565015000160401079500left150001604010Yummy Eats reportDecision Support Systems and Business Intelligence890000Yummy Eats reportDecision Support Systems and Business IntelligenceTable of Contents TOC o “1-3” h z u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc529487816 h 2Decision Support Systems and Business Intelligence PAGEREF _Toc529487817 h 2Improvements to affected areas of the business PAGEREF _Toc529487818 h 2Management and Business operations PAGEREF _Toc529487819 h 2Marketing PAGEREF _Toc529487820 h 3HR Department PAGEREF _Toc529487821 h 3SME Considerations PAGEREF _Toc529487822 h 3Customer Relationship Management (CRM) PAGEREF _Toc529487823 h 3SME Considerations PAGEREF _Toc529487824 h 3Profit Maximisation PAGEREF _Toc529487825 h 4Customer retention though Loyalty schemes PAGEREF _Toc529487826 h 5Dashboards PAGEREF _Toc529487827 h 5Failings of current system PAGEREF _Toc529487828 h 5Current Decision Support System PAGEREF _Toc529487829 h 5Improving HR PAGEREF _Toc529487830 h 5Appropriate measurable KPI’s PAGEREF _Toc529487831 h 5Company Synergy PAGEREF _Toc529487832 h 6Use of data within Yummy Eats PAGEREF _Toc529487833 h 6Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc529487834 h 7References PAGEREF _Toc529487835 h 7IntroductionIn business, decision making is what separates a successful and an unsuccessful organisation. This can be aided with the use of a Decision Support System (DSS). A DSS is primarily used by mid to upper level management of the organisation to gather information and data and to then generate it into an actionable decision. The main purpose of using a DSS is to display the information it’s received to the user in a way that it’s easy to comprehend. This could range from graphs ; charts, facts and figures and infographics.

This then allows the user to make even more accurate and knowledgeable decisions at a much faster pace.A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a system that focuses on improving the relationship the business has with its existing customers, find new potential customers and even aim to win back the customers that were thought to be lost.Business intelligence in businesses is predominantly focused on helping managers and other operational employees make even more informed decisions. Companies can also use this to spot inefficient parts of the business which could reduce costs and improve productivity. It’s also used to identify new business opportunities.

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This report will be analysing the current state of the company Yummy Eats. Also addressing the possible impact that a DSS, CRM and Business Intelligence could have on the business if implemented. Section 1Decision Support Systems and Business IntelligenceHaving a DSS and BI could impact Yummy eats tremendously. These systems would allow the company to grow at a much higher rate by turning the collected data into visualisations where the end user is able to see, process and then capitalise on decisions that they may already know they need to solve or even discover possible improvements to the company that to are noticed through these systems.

Improvements to affected areas of the business Having a DSS and/or BI within Yummy Eats can improve the business in almost every area. This is due to the level of data they can collect and then use to their advantage. The company appears to be using a more knowledge based DSS. Changing this can improve the company’s decisions massively.

A more data driven DSS can help the business transition into a franchise much easily. They currently have a few years’ worth of data that could especially help with decisions based on new store locations.Management and Business operationsDSS and BI has the biggest impact on the company’s managers. This is because they make the business changing decisions. A downfall to this sometimes they can be bias towards themselves or employees.

These two systems eliminate this completely making the decisions they make more beneficial for the company has a whole. It also allows managers to have an increased understanding on their business and how each area of the business is affecting it. Whether it be revenue or productivity, DSS and BI takes the data and displays it in easy to understand visualisations.

This can later on allow the mangers to spot business problems as well as solve decisions much quicker and more accurate than before allowing them to have a competitive edge.Marketing These two systems are crucial in marketing. It would allow Yummy eats to look at historical data or very recent findings to show the strategic levels of pricing, advertising copy and promising strategy for a given demographic location. It can also identify to the marketeers marketing trends. This can be crucial to Yummy Eats as it could potentially save money where advertisement isn’t needed.HR DepartmentThe Human resource department are usually faced with limitations.

This is because they depend on human knowledge, favourability and judgement. Managers could get along better with an employee and although they don’t work as hard and earn more for the business.SME ConsiderationsCustomer Relationship Management (CRM)SME ConsiderationsWhen picking the right CRM for Yummy eats it’s crucial to get one that is designed for the restaurant industry. Also, it needs to be designed for SME’s which may mean custom packages to make sure you’re only paying for what you need.

Will also need to make sure it’s cost effective. By doing this you’ll get many features that will help with customer experience and also the way in which the restaurant or café collect data from their customers. A CRM without the correct data collection methods is essentially a waste of time and money.

By implementing this system, it will also improve the customer experience which alone will prove a good use of money.A CRM which would be excellent for Yummy Eats is Toast. Toast is one of the leading restaurant systems which would help Yummy eats conquer many of the challenges this industry has. It will help Yummy eats keep track of all customer interactions with real time reports. This will then allow Yummy Eats to predict the consumers behaviour whether it be an individual customer or every customer throughout that day with an hourly café performance indicator to help market correctly for the time of day. Toast POS software offers a built-in CRM system, which allows you to collect information about your customers from a variety of sources. Use the data stored in the Toast CRM to send customized messages and promotions to your best customers making sure they come back.8197856218600Toast have the correct features to solve nearly every problem Yummy Eats is facing.

Here are some of them that will have the most impact. Provides the chance to have an all-In-One System which can mean quicker business processes and reduce inefficiencies and also quicken training for new employees instead of having multiple systems. By speeding up the operational efficiencies it’ll actually improve the guest experience. Like the screenshot above it allows mangers and staff (if they are given privileges) to monitoring in Real-Time, Anytime, Anywhere. This being key when multiple franchises open. The system also builds a very detailed guest database through collecting data though the POS systems as well as the online ordering service.

This can help massively with reporting and decision making. It also has inventory management. This stores data on food cost percentage, recipe costs, inventory variance, and menu engineering right alongside your restaurant sales reports.That way, you can take a data-based approach to menu development and really build a menu that’s both profitable and popular.  A built-in loyalty program is also included which allows the scheme set up to be much quicker and effective. Finally, an Online Ordering, Takeout, & Delivery system. This would be excellent for Yummy Eats as 35% of revenues come from takeaway food.

Profit MaximisationToast allows for excellent profit maximisation. As the system makes the whole cafe interlinked it allows management and staff to clearly see the current status of performance, stock levels and also forecasts. For example, it can show what the right amount of Stock to purchase for any given day instead of over spending and allowing some items to go to waste. By reducing waste it’ll mean the company is saving money. Also, the forecasting can improve the overall productivity of the Café whether this be improved employee rotas designed specifically for peak times allowing quicker customer service to prevent damaging the customer experience even during Christmas or New year.Customer retention though Loyalty schemesCustomer Retention is crucial for Yummy Eats. Current customers are the ones who provide the most amount of revenue for a business which is why a loyalty scheme is crucial.

If it’s based on visitor points, then it may appeal to those outside the 5-mile radius. By doing this it will help keep the current customers and will subsequently increase customer retention. Toast have a built-in feature that can manage the whole loyalty scheme seamlesslyDashboardsHaving Dashboards is crucial for Yummy Eats to invest time and money into. These allow for a much more detailed outlook on the business’s performance. Although the CRM offers reporting there Is software out there that is focused just on that. Tableau would be perfect for Yummy Eats as it provides a wide range of data visualisations that could help management better understand how the business is doing.

Tableau also has the ability to link to nearly any database. This will help drastically when more franchises open up, allowing there to be dashboards of each induvial cafes along with one that shows all of their performance on one dashboard. It can also help analyse demographics.Sections 2Failings of current systemCurrent Decision Support System The current system that the company is operating with is a knowledge-based system. By using pass experiences and possibly the use of some past data to make decisions that could impact the company drastically. This also improves the risk of bias decisions which could have a negative impact. What the company needs to transition over to is a more Data driven support system which can be done upon implementing the CRM system. This can be done through shareable dashboards allowing everyone in the company to see how close they are to targets and induvial performance.

Improving HRUnfortunately, the industry that Yummy Eats is in show a high percentage of annual employee turnover. This may due to people only wanting a part time job during education. This problem needs to be solved and one of the ways to do this is by introducing better staff discounts, bonuses and offers once they have worked there for a longer period of time. Another excellent way to solve this problem is by introducing Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Appropriate measurable KPI’s There are few aspects of the business that could be measured through KPIs. Firstly, the individual employees’ performance. This could be measured through the daily/weekly average and overall tip amount as well as the overall tables bill to tip amount. This KPI would show the managers and employees how well they are engaging with customers. Secondly, they could implement a KPI that measures the new employees’ performance, so they can make sure they are hiring the right people.Another KPI method would be to run a staff satisfaction survey 6 months. This can be done though SurveyMonkey, a free to use service that allows the business owners to pick questions to ask employees who are then able to answer it anonymously. By doing this it will allow Yummy Eats to better understand the honest opinions on how they think the company is ran.

This can also be submitted to the Sunday Times Top 100 places to work meaning better potential employees. After all the employees are one of the most import stakeholders.Company SynergyAs a growing business there needs to be systems put in place that allows a better connection within the company. This can range from the communication between the franchises or even how each piece of hardware communicates with each other inside the café. Yummy Eats are currently having the problem with separate databases within the company.

For example, keeping the details of the dishes order at each table. Going back to the CRM system that was recommended, there is the chance to also opt into install specially designed software that can keep everything linked. For example, there are 3 pieces of hardware that work excellent together. This being a Point of sale (POS), a machine that waitresses carry around to process a tables orders and also a screen that can be placed in the kitchen which will show the chefs what to cook instantly. Having these 3 machines linked create a much faster process from when the customers’ orders to when they get it on their table or in their hand.

This is a prime example of reducing inefficiencies.Bradford FactorThe HR department could also benefit from a system known as the Bradford Factor. This method is used to help track employee’s performance and whether management need to keep an eye out for their lack of absences that aren’t planned like calling in sick.

Below is the chart that they would use. This would be great for Yummy Eats as it has no cost to implement.711200508000Use of data within Yummy EatsIt’s crucial that the data Yummy Eats collect is stored in a well organised database especially when they go through the data mining phase. This is primarily because if there Is any wrong data then the manager won’t have accurate information that will then later lead to incorrect decisions. Having a DSS and CRM interlinked will allow for the best results It’s said that 35% of the company’s profit is from deliveries.

This is the best way that the café will capture its customers data because they will need a customer email address and location. This can be used to help view the different demographics for each café.ConclusionTo conclude, there are a vast number of DSS systems and tools that Yummy Eats could invest in which would help their company grow. Taking all aspects into account it would be best for Yummy Eats to implement the right CRM system. Primarily a restaurant specific CRM like Toast.

This allows for a combined set of linked features to be solely focused on the same needs that Yummy Eats require. The company should also introduce some DSS systems that address the HR department. Including KPIs and an employee satisfaction Survey every 6 months which will allow management to get a better understanding of the employees By implementing both DSS and a CRM, Yummy Eats will find themselves growing in the industry at an exponential rate due to more accurate, quicker decisions as well as a better insight and increase to both customer and employee satisfaction.Custom DSS could cost moreReferences – search (Fazlollahi ; Vahidov, 2001)


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