Natasha Chintu Foundation,
Cell: +260 972 213331,
+260 962 005485
House Number, 21 Chalala,
Lusaka Zambia.

February 2018
The Marketing Manager,

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Dear Sir/Madam,
“Tisamale Chaisa and Kasaka” fundraising dinner event scheduled for the 11th day of May in the year 2018.

Natasha Chintu foundation(NCF) was formed in 2017 with a view to use Sports and Arts (dance, drama, music and poetry) as underlining principles of a child’s early life development, NCF has had a positive impact on many Zambian children within Lusaka and the eastern province of Zambia, many of whom come from under privileged homes and communities. Due to our activities, lives have transformed through the knowledge enhancement in the areas of behavior change (child marriages, teenage pregnancy, HIV AIDS and gender based violence).

As a renowned company in Zambia, we have no doubt of you understanding the benefit of bringing the community together and teaching the next generation the values and benefits of sports and art whilst providing them with education and knowledge of the important issues within our community such as HIV/AIDS, homelessness, teenage pregnancy and gender based violence.

From the time NATASHA CHINTU FOUNDATION was formed, we have been carrying out voluntary community work, helping children at orphanages in means we can afford.

On the 24th October 2017, Zambia’s Independence Day, we visited the circumstantial children at the LUSAKA CORRECTIONAL CENTER (CHIBOKAILA PRISON) where we donated food stuff, clothes and sanitary towels for the incarcerated mothers.

On the 25th of December 2017, we hosted a CHRISTMAS IN CHRIST lunch party for the vulnerable children. Where we fed the hungry and welcomed the unwanted
We have in the recent past donated educational materials and paid school fees to children who had lost hope of getting a good education in Chaisa compound, These children are now fully under our program.

Tisamale Chaisa and Kasaka fundraising dinner is a proposed event meant to raise funds and send 53 children to school, who are living in the eastern part of Zambia, Katete District, Kasanka village. We as NATASHA CHINTU FOUNDATION believe every child deserves a right to a good education and their geographical location and circumstances they are subjected to should never be allowed to hinder their right to a good education.

The target money we are trying to raise is a sum of k200, 000.00 (Two Hundred Thousand Kwacha) we intend to use the money raised as follows.

-We have a women empowerment program, under this program we aim to start up a chicken run business that will consist of 10 women who include widowed, divorced and single women, their children are under our care. The chicken run will produce both chicken meat and eggs, some of the produce will be used as a protein source for the children and some will be sold. The profits from the sold produce will be used to send the children to school, buy and school books and other education essentials the may need.

-We have two educational projects namely, THE CHAISA MISSION(LUSAKA)AND THE KASAKA MISSION(EASTERN PROVINCE)The Chaisa mission consist of 20 children who we provide school fees and educational material, while the Kasaka mission consist of 53 children who we aim to provide school fees, meal plans and educational material.

It is in reference to the above, that we are requesting your institution to sponsor this event by providing financial support towards the branding of event material, hiring of the venue, hiring of PA system, food and beverages, educational stationary for the children and financial aid meant to meet the above mentioned k200, 000.00 that we intend to rise through this Dinner.

Your involvement in this event will ensure you enjoy the following benefits
Enhancement of image of social responsibility in the eyes of government.

Branding and advertising opportunities as the event will aired on Zambian television and radio stations
Use of event as a marketing platform for your institution
The banners will be displayed in most public areas throughout the event
Significant media coverage as all the main institutions including ZNBC TV and radio, prime TV and other local radio stations will cover the event.

NFC would like to engage your intuitions to discuss any possible partnership on this event. For more details please contact the project manager Mr. Chintu Mweemba on [email protected] or Phone on +260975696796.

Your favorable consideration for this request will be greatly appreciated.

Natasha ChintuExecutive Director


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