Topic: EnvironmentClimate Change

Last updated: April 13, 2019

Learning about was a new experience. Although there is value in raising people’s awareness about conservation issues, this might not be the most effective way.

Like myself, many might be unclear about what exactly is trying to accomplish. Of course, does communicate to the world that we all use too more energy and shutting off lights could make a positive impact. But real change to solve the energy crisis and stop climate change will not come from individuals making choices. Rather, it will emerge from the infrastructures that limit environmental choices and encourage wasting energy. I would not participate in as I feel the solutions will not come from merely shutting off lights. To my mind, energy change is not really based on individual choices, but on much bigger shifts in shorter periods of time. Public policy needs to be revised about how the infrastructure works as the global solution to this dilemma.

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One relevant concern is that encouraging people to believe that individual actions can create change might slow down implementing concrete solutions.It is not surprising that this movement has had such an influence on many throughout the world. Understandably, the increase of widespread social media and digital communication has allowed to reach out to millions to step up for environmental causes. Even with the confusion about what really impacts conservation, the message has been consistently one of global energy preservation., therefore, does seem to support a mission of protecting what we have, rather than foolishly wasting our precious resources and doing untold damage.


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