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Last updated: December 24, 2019

Leadership refers to the position in the organisational chart while a leader’s position has nothing to do with the position in the organisational chart. This study opted to expand on the definition of Hellriegel, Jackson ; Slocum (2005), Dlabay, Burrow ; Kleindl (2012), Erasmus, Strydom ; Rudansky-Kloppers (2016) because power is detached from the position of the concept leadership A leader can do this by social influence to gain voluntarily participation of the group members (Nanjundeswaraswamy ; Swarmy, 2014).

What is Leadership? Various researchers have conducted numerous studies and all tend to disagree on what leadership is. The scholars, however, do agree that leadership involves the following aspects, namely influencing other members of a team or organisation, and helping a team or organisation to achieve its goal(s).

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If leadership is considered as one of the most essential components to effectively deal with the various economic and social issues in society, where does management fit in an organisation? Does management become redundant in today’s dynamic environment or does leadership replace management? The function of management is normally based on short-term achievements and the position of managers is to achieve in a setting of formal employment. Leaders, on the other hand, can be very much informal and we find them in all levels in an organisation or society. Examples of such an informal leader are a union representative for the employees and a community leader. The most outstanding characteristic of a good leader is that they are future oriented. Not all managers are leaders and not all leaders are managers. The ideal situation would be a manager in a formal organisation who has all the qualities of a good leader. This will ensure that organisations can flourish and stay competitive in today’s dynamic world. Managers are needed to get the day-to-day work done, while leaders are needed for inspiring co-workers and setting the long-term direction for their organisations to achieve their goals. Owing to globalisation, improvements in technology, changing workforce and the changing expectations and values of employees and customers, effective leadership now needs to be placed within the correct context of the environment, to remain competitive and able to cope with increasing uncertainty (Northouse, 2016).

Northouse (2016) states that there are similarities between leadership and management. He argues that both leadership and management involve influence on team members. Both management and leadership work with people and are concerned with the effective accomplishments of the goals and objectives set for the organisation.


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