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Leadership and ethics of Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan is a remarkable figure in the history of the United Arab Emirates as a politician and leader. He is mostly known by his role in the formation of the entire country, he is interesting not only as a politician but as a leader, who managed to change the direction in the government development and encourages the whole country to follow him. Sheikh Zayed has a great accomplishment record in business, politics and social work because of his great leadership features that are respect and human development. Sheikh Zayed had many successful leadership features and we believe that the most two important features are respect and human development.

Sheikh Zayed was a respectful person and that shows in how he welcomed people from different country to reside in the UAE where he treated them equally and with respect without looking at their nationalities, status and gender. Today’s UAE population is made up of more than 200 different nationalities that live in harmony that Sheikh Zayed legacy built (Dubaichamber, n.d.). Another important leadership philosophy sheikh Zayed represented is human development.

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Sheikh Zayed comprehended the problems and the things that UAE citizens need and that is why he started to develop UAE’s economy. Sheikh Zayed used the oil revenues to provide a better life for his people where he gave free health care, free education and free houses. For example, he used to give money to people who send their children to school to motivate locals that were not educated enough (Rafi,2018). Many aspects of Shaikh Zayed’s philosophy resembles the virtues of Confucius, Sheikh Zayed respected all people and treated them equally and he believed that a ruler should be a moral example to his subjects instead of using force and punishment as a form of ruling, and this is similar to Confucius when he said, “Let him be filial and kind to all then they will be faithful to him” (The Analects, p. 102). Here Confucius is saying that a leader’s subjects will reflect his attitude, if a leader was righteous and respectful his subjects will act the same way. To conclude, Sheikh Zayed was a leader, who dedicated his life to his country and its people.

His core features as a leader were respect and human development. He had all these features combined in him as a leader, which is why he showed concern about the problems of his country and approached each of them thoroughly. He became the admired leader of the people. For that reason, he is one of the most remarkable leaders in the history of UAE.Maitha Salem AlSuwaidi – 201602621Maitha Salem AlSuboosi – 201610528Reference pageConfucius. The Analects. Traditions and Encounters: A Global Perspective on the Past. Ed.

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