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Last updated: February 8, 2019

Last but not least, we can say that Thinking Arabic translation is an engaging bookThat takes the reader progressively to the various issues related to translation from Arabic to English.

It starts first by introducing the reader to some key concept related to the field of translation .throughout the different chapter from the theoretical parts to the practical examples, the book achieved its aim to clear some assumptions that many students, including myself, have on translation activity. This probably our deadly sin, but most of us thought of translation as easy task that consist of searching equivalent words for the TT in the dictionary. Yet translation is not just about language, about words. It’s an art, a creative activity, because you can have two translators working on the same passage, and end up with completely two different final products.Apart from the first chapters that help the student to learn about the translation process. The book provides key concepts related to linguistic properties .

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that helps the student or the reader in general to clarify and significantly understand some of the problems and issues that may emerge while translating from Arabic to English. Alongside with definitions and notions.The book is recommended for student with interest in translation studies as well as random readers who are curious to expand their general information on the translation activity . The book provides basic notions related to translation, followed by practical .examples and linguistic problems that may occur when translating .this methodology allows the reader to grasp and understand the different concepts discussed in the book .I personally enjoyed reading and studying every chapters of this book .although it seemed difficult at first ,however, as we delve into the notion and practical examples ,the big fancy terms become clear cut .


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