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Lacrosse is a well-known sport. Lacrosse was invented early back as 1100 CE. Lacrosse played a very big role in the community and religious life of tribes all around the continent. Lacrosse has very many different styles and forms of the sport. There’s field lacrosse which the men’s out door version of the spot. There is box lacrosse which is where they are playing in a closed area. Then there is woman’s lacrosse which is not the same as men’s lacrosse. Woman’s lacrosse has more rules and restrictions.
Field lacrosse is the men’s version of the outdoor sport. When a game starts there are only 10 players out on the field. They have 3 attackmen, 3 midfielders, and 3 defensemen and then there is only 1 goalie. The regular playing time for this game is 60 minutes. Before every game and after every quarter and after each goal the players start with a face off. During this face off there will be two players pushed up against each other with the tip of their stick touching the ground. The players try to push the bass into their offensive zone so they can score. To score a goal the team has to throw the ball across the goal line.
Box lacrosse is a lacrosse that is played in an enclosed area. The sport is played by teams of five runners plus on goalie on a hockey rink. But the ice has been removed from the hockey rink or covered by artificial turf or in an indoor soccer field. The style of the game is quick and fast because of the grip on the floor and a timer called a shot clock. The shot clock gives the opposing team 30 seconds to make a goal after gaining possession of the ball. During the game the five runners that are on the field substitutes for teammates as they switch between offense and defense plays.
Woman’s lacrosse is very similar to men’s lacrosse except the woman’s lacrosse have more rules and restrictions. Woman’s lacrosse is not allowed to make physical contact with the opposing player. They are also not allowed to wear protective gear. The only protective gear that they wear is a mouth guard and an eye guard. The woman start of their game with a draw instead of a face off. The two woman stand up while the ball is put in the middle of their stick. When the whistle blows the two woman lift their stick in the air to try to control where the ball goes.
Lacrosse is a very difficult contact sport. This sport was invented as early as 1100 CE. Within the time it’s been around other forms of the sport has been made. There is field lacrosse which is the men’s sport. There is box lacrosse which is played in an indoor area. And then there’s woman’s lacrosse which is more regulated then the men’s lacrosse. There are very many different versions of the sport.


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