Lack of Promotional Activity: This is considered as the main problem of Robotdako right now. Currently the put the lowest amount of attention in their promotional activity. As a result people are not aware of them.
Price issue: Their current rate of price is very high. As a result some of the target consumers losing their interest from them.
Technical Problems: Currently they are facing some technical issues like many of the users are constantly complaining about the app. The app is causing much trouble for the consumers. Also one major backdrop is that their app is not available for IOS. As a result of that it become very difficult for them to capture the market because a large portion of their target consumers are IOS users.
Trust Issues: After the SBU analysis it has been found that there are lacks of trust among the target consumers. This is mostly depends on Robotdako because they failed to build trust among their targeted consumer. Often consumers expressed their doubt related to the housemaids. This is badly hampering their business


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