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Last updated: April 18, 2019

Kushina felt silly as she peeked around a corner nervously while dressed in her kunoichi gear and searching for what she believed was behind her son’s depression of the last several weeks. However, she couldn’t help it as over that time she had begun to fear some sort of haunting was taking place inside the seal. Not seeing anything she began to proceed down the hall which looked like some dark tunnel filled with pipes. She knew she could change the d├ęcor, but feared due to her current state of mind the seal would take on an even spookier appearance. As she traveled the corridors quietly, if not stealthily, she reflected on the past several weeks. They had been both a blessing for her as well as a source of worry.

The good stemmed from the fact that for the first time since awakening she wasn’t sharing her son with a harem of women. As such it had given the two of them a chance to truly get to know one another without it always seeming rushed. Not to mention she hadn’t needed to constantly be on guard for the two lamps in the apartment representing the seal switching on.

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