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Last updated: August 4, 2019

Kitchen Taps Buyer’ GuideThey may not seem much as a matter of interest during the kitchen design phase, but they are relevant. When you plan a new kitchen, with the sleek and smooth finishing of modern kitchens these days, taps do stand out.

As such, it is worth considering them a little deeper than “mere fixtures” and view them as an attractive appliance.At K LAB we are all about the finer details. We have a range of tap fittings to choose from which will fit with your design. This buyer’s guide will help you with the finishing touches of your new kitchen and help you navigate through the options. Before You BeginThere are two important considerations before you start picking taps to adorn your new sink in your new kitchen.

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Water PressureMost homes have standard pressure, and most taps will work fine without a problem. However, if you have had a problem in the past with a steady flow, ensure your water pressure is checked so that you can select the tap of your liking.PlacementTaps need to be connected to water pipes, so their placement is critical when planning a new kitchen design. You may have a vision of where you would like them placed and be ready to go over budget as plumbing work may be required if you wish for the taps to be in a particular spot.

Be practical with taps and if unsure, speak to one (Contact Us Page) of our kitchen design experts.Which Tap is Best For You?A basic design rule of kitchen taps is that it should be more or less proportional to the size of your sink. A small sink – small tap and likewise a large sink-large tap. There are many types of taps to consider from. Each as its aesthetic and practical points.

PillarThese taps are classic, functional, and a traditional tap style. They are affordable and have separate units for hot and cold. They can either come in a full stainless-steel style or with ceramic heads. MixerThe mixer style allows for the hot and cold water to be controlled through one single spout. The control of the flow is by separate handles/levers. This allows for the reduction of accidents with hot water. Dual FlowIn a dual flow tap, the hot water and cold-water supplies are separate until they come out of the nozzle.

This tap is useful in homes where the water pressure for hot and cold differs. MonoblocThis tap is a favourite in minimalist kitchens as there is only a single handle/lever which controls the water delivery. The water pressure has to be almost identical or close to equal for this tap to be effective in the kitchen.Optional ExtrasThese taps also come with optional added features such as:Pull-out mixer and extendable hose The pull-out mixes come away from the tap body and is great for rinsing.Filtered water A filtered tap allows for the bottled water effect without paying for expensive bottled water.Innovative designsThere are some exciting tap designs available from the traditional crosshead or lever style. From brass fittings to stainless steel to ceramics and much more.

K LAB can bring your tap vision and version that best suits your kitchen lifestyle. Call us for a confidential chat today.


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