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Key Words – Atoms – the smallest particle of a chemical element Molecule – a group of atoms bonded together Enzyme – a protein that occurs naturally within the body and causes chemical changes.Active site – enzymes have been folded into complex 3d shapes that allow smaller molecules to fit into them, and this is a place where it happens.Hydrolysis – the breakdown of water Amylase – begins the process of starch digestion.Starch – Denaturation – the enzyme has been exposed to high temperatures, the shape of their active site will change. if this happens then, the “lock ” will no longer fit into the “key.” Abstract In this experiment, hydrolysis of starch was used to analyze the effect of temperature on an enzyme which happened to be alpha-amylase. The main of this experiment was to determine the optimum temperature for alpha-amylase.

The results from completing this experiment show that and from this, it can be concluded that Introduction : In this scientific report, there will be discussions about temperature affecting the activity of the enzyme, amylase, and its ability to catalysis the hydrolysis of starch, the results taken and an overall conclusion. An enzyme is a protein that occurs naturally in living organisms such as humans and other mammals and can cause chemical changes such as the breaking down of food in the stomach. Enzymes have many functions; increasing the rate of a chemical reaction(e.g., The breakdown of food in your stomach and converting it into energy), breaking down bigger molecules) into smaller particles that can be easily absorbed into the body and some enzymes within your body bind two molecules to make another molecule.The enzyme in question is amylase which begins the process of starch digestion. Amylase will take chains of starch and break them down into smaller pieces with two or three glucose units. However two similar types of amylase are made within the body; one is within saliva, where starch starts to break down as food is chewed and the other kind of amylase is within the pancreas, where the digestion of starch by then has finished.

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Finally, the pieces have been broken down into individual glucose units by enzyme collection that’s bound to the walls of the intestine. Amylase is not only produced in mammals but many other organisms such as yeast, bacteria, archaea, and plants. For example, as yeast is a common factor in bread making, amylase plays an integral part in the breaking down starch into simple sugars to feed the yeast. The yeast will then break down the sugars and turn them into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

Alpha-amylase catalyzes the hydrolysis of bonds in polysaccharides to give disaccharide maltose.The effect of temperature plays a vital role on an enzyme and its activities because if there is an increase in temperature, the rate of reaction will increase but there is a risk associated with an increase in temperature; denaturation of the enzyme and therefore a loss in activity, so its best that enzymes work at optimum temperature so that they have a higher rate of reaction.


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