Kanchan Yadav
Annotated Bibliography
COMM 101-204
Fall 2018


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Jakobsson, M., Myers, S. (2007). Phishing and Countermeasures: Understanding the Increasing
Problem of Electronic Identity Theft. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Interscience.

This book is about phishing. It contains information about what phishing is and the history of phishing. It also provides information about different types of phishing attacks. Some of them includes deceptive attacks, malware attacks and DNS-based attacks. This also have information about how to tell the different between the original email from real company and fake email from hackers. It gives method how user can be hacked and provide information about how to prevent it as well. It describes problem associated with passwords and biometrics and emphasize in having unique password. Finally, it have information about the rule and regulation of phishing in US.
I believe, this is book will be useful for me to include in my speech as it contains lots of information about phishing. This contains information that is very consistent with other sources and uses quantitative data such as statistics to prove its point. Although the information of this source is not very recent, but the author is of this book is very reliable. Dr. Jakobsson is a security researcher and wrote lots of articles with the topics related to cybercrime. He has also published lots of books and have written journal article more than one hundred. Dr. Myers is a professor of Indiana University in the Department of Computer Science. He has written lots of paper topic related to Cryptography and cybersecurity. These authors have spent lots of their time researching about phishing and about cyber attacks so, they have lots of knowledge regarding these topics, which makes this source a credible source.

Journal Article:

Anderson, K., Durbin E., & Salinger M. (2008). Identity Theft. Journal of Economic Perspectives, 22, 171-192.

The article defined what identify theft is and different ways how people can be victim of identity theft. It discussed how much of problem is identity theft and talk about different type of identity theft. This article also has information about the problems that people had to face after being the victim of identity theft such as not being able to create new credit card, forced to close their account, denied from taking loans. Other online companies also suffer due this crime because consumers are less likely to trust them and make no purchase. This articles also covers the ways prevent from being a victim and laws and policies regarding identity theft in US.
I consider this source as reliable source for my speech because it has lots of graph and statistics to prove its main points of the essay. Although this article is not considered recent, it has factual information about identity theft. The purpose of the article is to inform people about the identity theft and its relevance to today world. This journal article was published in American Economic Association website, which is a valid and accurate website.

Newspaper Article

Bernard, T. S., Hsu, T., Prelroth N., Lieber R. (2017, September 7). Equifax Says Cyberattack
May Have Affected 143 Million in the U.S. The New York Times.

This article is about the cyberattack on Equifax, a credit reporting agency. They have been attacked by hackers many times in past, which lead to loss of confidential information such as email address, credit card information, etc. for lots of consumers. This article also discusses about what hackers do with the information they gain. They may make an account under the victim’s name and take loan or make credit card account, which can impact the victim’s credit history.
I believe that this article would be appropriate to include in my speech. It is a very recent article because it was published in 2017. The source of information is the New York times which is a reliable website for information and facts. Also, this article is consistent with other sources as well. The article’s purpose of this article was to inform about the cybercrime in Equifax and it’s based on facts. Lastly, the article provided information with quotes and statistics, which suggest this source is reliable.


Global Issues in Context. (2018). Hacking. Retrieved from

This website is about hacking, which is usage of computer without the permission of the
owner and attacking the server by damaging the operating system. It talks about three types of hackers: white hat hacker, grey hat hacker and black hat hacker. White hat hackers are cyber security specialists, who work on advancing their security system to make cyberspace a safe place for users. Grey hats hackers are also cyber security experts, but they may sometimes, go against the laws or try unethical approach to improve the protection of user. Black hats are hackers who practice unethical way to get into server by attacking and damaging the server for their personal gain. This article also has lots of events in past to show how hacking is huge problem in modern world.
I regard this source as a beneficial source for my speech because one of my main point is hacking. Also, it provided me with lots of events of hacking in US and worldwide as well. This article has statistics and fact. It was also published very recently, 2018. The purpose of the article is to inform the audience about the hacking. Global Issues in Context is a reliable website to use for my speech because it has lots of factual event incorporated in the article and it is very consistent with other articles.


P. Fonash, personal communication, September 21, 2018

In this interview, Dr. Fonash discussed about the misconceptions about the cybercrime due to inconsistency of laws among different nations. We also discussed about how it is easy to get involved in hacking, identity theft or phishing just by being in social networking site and the misconception people have cybercrime. He stated that cybercrime is becoming more relevant to our society now due to the shift of society from traditional to technology dependent and having inconsistent laws among all nations for cybercrime. To further prove his point, he used example of money and how, now most people do not use cash but credit card. We also talked about the controversial court case of Apple Vs FBI. From this interview, I learn that just by being safe in internet and not releasing personal information in social media is best to protect ourselves from hacking or phishing emails.
I believe that my interview with Dr. Fonash is a reliable source to include in my speech due to his experience in the field. Dr. Fonash have an PhD in Information Technology from George Mason University. Also, he has worked in the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Communications organization as chief technology officer. During this position, he worked with National Security Association and commercial innovators to create a cyber operation that is more efficient with lower cost. The George Mason University website is an excellent source to rely on in terms of credibility because it is very up-to-date and consistent with their information with other sources.


Murdock, J. (2018). What is smoke loader? New booby-trapped microsoft word files can infect
your computer. Newsweek.

This magazine article covers about dangerous malware called Smoke Loader. This malware is initiated once the user opens an email sent by hackers. If the user also opens the word document attachment, it will download more malware into the user computer. After the malware is download, it will block the screen and ask the user for money. The hackers also have ability to get more sensitive information through this malware and can also crash the computer. In some cases, the hackers will control and observe the computer awhile until they get the information they need. The author provides some of methods such as installing AdBlock in google and many more methods to prevent the malware from downloading by taking some security measures.
I believe this source is a useful to be included in my speech because it can be my supporting point of main point of phishing. This magazine article contains quotes and statistics with facts. The purpose of writing the article is to inform about the recent malicious malware. It is also written very recently on March 7, 2018. The information in this article is consistent with the other source. The magazine of this article is Newsweek, which is a magazine that have accurate information. So, this magazine is an useful source and reliable source for my speech.


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