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Justice Agbozo
Stefanie Sevcik
19TH Nov 2018
WTNG 100–Introduction to Academic writing
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Position Paper Draft
Immigrant trafficking for forced labor is an international issue affecting all countries, it has become the modern-day equivalence of slavery in which people are trafficked and exploited sexually or for forced labor. All things being equal, we are going to focus on the less known part of trafficking, considering how much of a human rights issue this has become, this genre is going to argue for the motion on why immigration policy decision in America has contributed to the rise in immigrant trafficking focusing on weak educational campaigns on immigrant trafficking for forced labor, economic deprivation and organized criminal entrepreneurship have contributed to the surge in immigrant trafficking.
In discussions of immigrant trafficking for forced labor, recent studies like the special report released by the Department of Justice in April 2011, revealed that eighty percent of the most suspected and reported incidents of immigrant trafficking were classified as sex trafficking and eleven percent of the suspected cases that were opened for investigation was classified as labor trafficking. This report shed new light on the bias attention and focus towards sex trafficking rather than immigrant trafficking for forced labor.
While some argue that sex trafficking has a higher percentage, therefore, is a more severe crime as such more resources should be geared towards tackling sex trafficking rather than immigrant trafficking for forced labor. It is such a focus that has led to the weak educational campaign on immigrant trafficking for forced labor, therefore, anytime the topic is raised, people only associate immigrant trafficking to sex trafficking because that is what is mostly focused on in all forms of media coverage of the topic.
Furthermore, education for a controversial topic like immigrant trafficking for forced labor should be advocated for on an equal platform so people like Marco Duran from the PBS Frontline documentary on immigrant trafficking for forced labor is quoted as saying “I have never heard of that human trafficking like this before, when I heard of it, I thought like sex slaves”. With, education focused on immigrant trafficking for forced labor would help broaden the knowledge of citizens, so they can understand as well as identify possible victims and perpetrators of this crime when they encounter such a situation because there is a lot of victims out there and around us who need help but cannot ask for help. Having an educated public on the subject matter would be one of the very first steps to being able to identify people in such situations thus combatting this issue one victim at a time.
Secondly, the standard way of thinking associated with immigrant trafficking for forced labor as being something that happens to low-income earning individual and families is one that needs to be reviewed and economic situations addressed.
Also, understanding the vulnerability of low-income families who want nothing but a change in their lifestyle something that helps them move up the food chain, but their poverty and the socio-economic situation is what makes them the perfect target for these traffickers. Hence, traffickers in understanding how vulnerable these families are, use deception, fraud, force and other forms of coercion to exploit them. A correlational story is the one by Erlinda in the PBS Frontline documentary on Trafficking in Persons where she states, “there are struggles, the struggle to give them food because you can’t just get by here”, this statement indicating the personal struggles of her family. On one hand, a family burdened with making ends meet and looking for a way out. On the other hand, a trafficker comes along selling them the hopes of better life for their son in the States where he would have the opportunity to attend school, a place to stay, a well paying job and the chance to help his struggling family in all sounds really great therefore the family falls for this and agree to send their son with this trafficker only to be exploited.
In addition, it is a fair assessment to say that crime and entrepreneurship over the years have become interconnected in certain areas of human endeavors cutting across legal and illegal economies alike. In relation to immigrant trafficking for forced labor, traffickers exploit their victims in many ways to create financial wealth that benefits their personal prosperity. In doing this, all people involved playing certain specified roles just like in any legal organization. Prime example is indicated in the PBS Frontline documentary on Trafficking in Persons in which the documentary revealed Arnoldo had certain accomplices from Guatemala into Mexico and Ohio whom all were assigned their duties and responsibilities with the ones in Ohio acting as the sponsors for the kids after they are arrested by the Department for Health and Human Services (HHS).
Nonetheless, Daffodil Altan in the same documentary states “our reporting led us to focus on a key player in the Ohio operation, a man who worked with DeCoster and then Trillium. His name is Pablo Duran Sr and his company had a multi-million-dollar contract with Trillium to supply workers”. Ultimately these findings make it very clear how organized these traffickers have become and how well they have evolved over the years. Some of these traffickers are poorly educated individuals who have but a few skills and some they learn in their crime of trafficking, while others are educated and at times respected members of the community who are very well resourced and highly sophisticated.
Moreover, immigrant trafficking for labor must be viewed in the same lens as sex trafficking since it is equally a very important topic that poses itself as a human rights abuse. Therefore, it needs to be addressed starting with immigration policies and guidelines that go far enough to educate people on the signs and treat of immigrant trafficking. Also, there must be an economic reform that focuses on eliminating economic deprivation for those underdeveloped communities and countries, so families could have better-paying jobs to help support their families. Furthermore, with people being educated, they become more aware of the signs and victims of immigrant trafficking for labor which would be a benefit to easier reporting of suspected organized criminal entrepreneurship.
Finally, my point earlier about sex trafficking is the national and international obsession is what alienates immigrant trafficking for labor, therefore, in making the case, there has to be a strategic reform in our immigration policies globally that makes it easier for people to travel between countries because having more open borders, means people do not have to smuggle their way or have to be lured into believing someone can provide a better living condition that their current situations.

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