Topic: BusinessBranding

Last updated: April 21, 2019

Just as organisational brands communicate the benefits of using a product or service to potential consumers, employer branding communicates the benefits of employment to potential employees as well according to Ambler and Barrow (1996).Organizations have found themselves in a struggle trying to identify potential employees and also trying to retain the best talents. With the immense evolution in the labour market, employees are not just looking for intrinsic value but also extrinsic value the organization has to offer.

The value of an organisation’s branding as an employer reflects to potential employees beliefs that their employment needs will be met by the employer. Just as consumers depend on brands to differentiate between products, employer branding is used by potential employees to differentiate between employers and assist their decision making (Collins and Stevens 2002).With the highly improved technology globally, high demand for skilled talent within the organizations to make sure the organization is up to trend with the competitors has been on the rise. The high demand for these scarce talents has intensified and organizations are competitively fighting to attract as well as retain the best talents. Minchington (2006) claims that many organisations are not developing or maintaining their employer brand correctly and talent shortages can render organisations vulnerable in terms of competitive sustainability.

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Some of the consequences have been casted to be high employee turnover and outsourcing in the industry leaving organizations vulnerable to their competitors. It is therefore imperative to establish how corporate branding is utilized in attraction and retention of employees in telecommunication industry in Kenya.


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