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Last updated: December 5, 2019

Juan Medina Urrego
Mr. Gerald Schwartz
October 3, 2018
Apple Vs P.C.

There has been a raging discussion on the between Mac and PC on which one is better in terms of cost, user-friendly and reliability. There are multiple similarities, as well as differences between the two computers. When looking for an ideal computer, every consumer needs to look at some various factors such as the PC’s price, technical characteristics, and more so what one really needs in a computer. Apple Mac productions are far below that of the Microsoft P.C. Numerous traits make both the P.C. and the Mac the biggest computer companies in the whole world.

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From the outlook of things, Although both the P.C. and the Mac both have the resemblance of the standard desktop build (which include the monitor, and CPU) as well as the standard laptop build (control-pad, built in keyboard, and viewing screen), they both differentiate each other. Mac and PC are both compatible with the use of handheld devices. Unlike the past, PCs were more prone have viruses and different types of malware, Mac is also prone to a. To protect both devices from malicious attacks, they are both safe to use after installation of updated anti-virus software. Both can be used by home owners and businessmen. They can be customized to a client’s preference; they both have voice commands, maps, and use the mouse and keyboard as their interface. Despite these similarities, there are striking differences between them.

Asides from the striking differences in appearance and pricing, the Microsoft P.C. and the Mac strongly differentiate each other when it comes to the software itself. The Mac is known to use OSX as its main operating system. However, unlike PC which just uses the Microsoft Windows as its main operating system, Mac can run on both operating systems, thus has a wider compatibility, what makes Mac the only computer that can run on a variety of major operating systems. The PC is more dominant in the workplace, unlike the Mac which is for the elite and large corporation owners. PC owners have a wider range of choices for repairs on their devices, unlike Mac users who are limited to certain stores; in addition, PCs users have a range of different manufacturers and distributors to choose from. The PC is manufactured by various companies such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Samsung, and Toshiba among others, while Mac is only manufactured by Apple Inc.

In terms of cost, it should be taken into consideration that the prices of Macs and P.C.s vary between models. Macs are more expensive than PCs. Moreover, Macs have limited memory with most ranging from 1 GB to 4 GB while PCs have a higher memory capacity which ranges from 2 GB to 8 GB. This is the same case when it comes to the hard drives, whereby Macs are smaller than the PCs. In terms of software, Macs are more compatible with a variety of soft wares, unlike PCs which support and are compatible with Windows friendly software. PCs are great for home use and can easily be used by children doing their school work. Macs are great for computer programmers and other people more knowledgeable in the computer industry. Finally, for game lovers, PC is the best choice, since it has an array of games unlike the Mac.

In conclusion it should be noted that both Mac and PC are reliable and user friendly. The most important factor for its users is the compatibility, availability, and stability. All in all, when it comes to choosing between the Mac and the PC, for most users it is about personal preference, since with technological advancement, most challenges within both are effectively addressed. However, one major striking difference between the two is that Macs are designed for lovers of technology, while PCs are designed for anyone who needs to use a computer at school, work or home because they are more affordable, efficient, and compatible. Therefore, in this technological world, P.C. and the Mac both share a similar standard foundations and layouts of the computer, in reality, they are actually quite different.


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