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Last updated: September 10, 2019

JOB ANALYSISNAME: Andrew Tyler GrayCOMPANY NAME: Worriless Tutoring ServicesJOB TITLE: Private TutorDATE: March 2016 – PresentTASKS/RESPONSIBILITIES• Provide personal instruction for student(s) in order to enhance their academic performance, studying skills, and to prepare for college-leveled tests.• Provide detailed feedback to students in order to both inform and motivate the student.

• Schedule tutoring appointments with students or employers.• Develop a bi-weekly schedule to provide the student with a simplistic outline of their responsibilities and assignments.• Maintain a written record of the student’s course results, progress, and concerns.• Teach students multiple strategies for studying, taking notes, and completing tests.

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• Review class material with students by going through the textbook, practicing problems, and class assignments.• Evaluate the student’s progress during each session.• Travel to the student’s home, local library, or university to conduct tutoring sessions.• Perform research on the course’s required textbooks, software, or equipment.CRITICAL INCIDENTS• Must remain on time when attending sessions for the purpose of keeping the student’s progress from being impeded.• Must be able to respond effectively, prioritize student’s well-being, and utilize clear-sighted reasoning as a means of maintaining the student’s confidence and stability.

• Must pursue all necessary opportunities and continue to exceed the student’s expectations.• Failure to meet student’s expectations can result in loss of trust, academic progress, or immediate termination.TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT REQUIRED• Writing Material• Paper• Folders• Printer• Library Card• Telephone• Computer Data Input Scanners• Scientific Calculator• Laptop Computers• Microsoft Office (e.g. Word, PowerPoint, ; Excel)KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, ABILITIES REQUIREDKnowledge• Advance level of experience in applying various teaching strategies, evaluating a person’s performance, and working with a wide-variety of people.

• Possess a high level of knowledge on human behavior, personality, culture, psychological research methods, and motivation.• Fundamental knowledge of computer software, programs, terminology, and applications.• Knowledge of algebra, pre-calculus, research statistics, and their significance.• Knowledge of the rules and structure of the English language including basic compositions, the application of spelling words, and using proper grammar.• Aware of the factors necessary for offering high quality customer service, which includes knowing the customer’s needs, expectations, and satisfaction. Skills• Can present one’s full attention to a student’s statements (questions, suggestion, complaints), ask appropriate questions, and give appropriate responses.• Can offer and utilize relatable teaching strategies that can be used to clarify difficult study material.

• Can identify a student’s strengths and weaknesses.• Can simplify complicated problems and provide various methods to help the student reach a correct conclusion.• Can monitor and calculate a student’s performance.• Can adjust long-term and short-term teaching strategies.Abilities• Able to communicate thoughts and opinions through an approach in which a student can understand.• Able to create study guides and transcripts that can be easily understood.• Able to process and gather information attained through spoken and written sources.

• Able to recognize and immediately respond when a problem has transpired.• Able to utilize general reasoning to various problems in order to create comprehensible solutions.• Able to provide numerous examples and applications of a subject.EDUCATION, LICENSURE, OR CERTIFICATION REQUIRED• Bachelor’s DegreeOTHER CHARACTERISTICS REQUIREDMust maintain constant focus and be able to work under variety of stressful situations. Must have exceptional communication skills in order to effectively build a professional relationship with students During unexpected circumstance, the ability to think both critically and creatively are indispensable. Need to remain innovative as a means of staying relevant and updated with current changes in information.WORKING CONDITIONSWorking indoors in a ventilated location such as a home, library, academic facility, etc.

Work directly with students and/or employers. Experience direct contact with students prior to and after school hours. Work schedule varies and therefore can be unpredictable.

Once the schedule sessions are completed, you are finished for the day. However, throughout the week, some students frequently make unexcepted calls in order to arrange for last-minute meetings and to ask for advice. Depending on the student’s workload, weekend work can be mandatory at least twice a month. Adverse environmental conditions are unusual and improbable.WORKING INCIDENTS• Influence people in their views, attitudes, or interpretations.• Work with people by assigning and accepting instructions.• Perform a wide-range work each session.• Work under stress to effectively overcome difficult situations in which unexpected complications and strong communication skills are necessary factors for completing the job.

• Perform a variety of responsibilities without the cost of productivity.REPORTING STRUCTUREReports directly to no one.FLOW OF WORK• Generate a schedule for reviewing the student’s course information, assignment due dates, and personal meetings.• Prepare location for session by confirming the equipment is set-up and operating properly, checking internet connection, and preparing any materials (e.g.

notes, study guides, & assignments) that need to be released.• Provide necessary study guides, assessments, and written evaluations.• Maintain precise records on the student’s academic progress, status, and goals.• Accept payment for the time spent on advising the student.JOB DESCRIPTIONPrivate tutors are responsible for providing academic opportunities and emotional support to their students prior to and after school hours. Private tutors must be able to teach, monitor, and acclimate several learning strategies based on the specific needs of their clients and maintain a high quality of standard.

Private tutors are able work without the supervision of another when performing these services. Private tutors must be up-to-date on current subjects and must be properly equipped for providing the best service to their students. Private tutors must be able to communicate effectively with students and administrators. Private tutors work under a variety of high level courses, responsibilities, and stressors.


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