Topic: History

Last updated: December 4, 2019

Jennifer NittoApril 1, 2018Modern HistorySemester paperFor the semester research paper, I decided to do option A, a topic relevant to the Cold War.

While brainstorming of ideas that would be a good topic for this research paper and one I find very interesting, the one I concluded on is The Cuban Missile Crisis. This is the closest the U.S.

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has ever come to a nuclear war. This is a very significant event in history because if we took a chance and went into a nuclear war the world would be in shambles. Throughout my paper, I would break down what The Cuban Missile Crisis is, its significance, and I will then go into what Cuba was like before this crisis, the causes, and the outcome of it. John F. Kennedy played a major role in this crisis, addressing the nation of the absolute terror that was supposedly going to happen. My goal is to explain John F. Kennedy’s goal throughout this chaos and what exactly his plan was to stop this “attack”. Then lead to how this decided to become resolved to stop this nuclear attack that would affect thousands of people.


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