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Last updated: February 19, 2019

Jennifer DpenhaClifford HudderEnglish 13018 October 2018JOURNEY TO A NEW LANDSettling in America after relocating from India was a significant event in my life. I was born and raised in India until three years ago when my family and I moved to America. The 22 hours flight from Mumbai I went into the thought of how it would be living between Americans. Will I be able to adjust? Will I feel lonely? At first, I was excited and happy visiting new places, making new friends and living in a new culture. After a while, I started experiencing culture shock and began missing my country and its traditions because, in India, there was something interesting happening all the time; temple music or some raucous festival. I would miss Holi, Diwali and even the food.

To quench my desire to go back to India, I would watch Bollywood and Indian series, but I later came to realize that all that was just a phase. Soon enough, I started adapting the American culture and even felt like it did not really matter that I was used to a different culture. Although I really struggled to build a footing here, especially because I come from a different culture, I began to settle after some time. My current school is professional, and teachers are intelligent.

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I have a Job I love and got a promotion. I also appreciate the abundance of clean roads, open space, the infrastructure and organization, the comfort of road trips, the convenience of everyday life, my friends at school and even the quality of graduate education I hope to acquire. Even though I’m used to the American culture now, I still haven’t forgotten my culture and values.


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