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Last updated: September 10, 2019

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer, otherwise known as “The Milwaukee Cannibal”, was a dangerous criminal who killed seventeen people in the state of Ohio before being apprehended and sent to Columbia Correctional Institution in Wisconsin where he was killed by a fellow inmate.

Dahmer’s trial began January 1992 where he was sentenced to fifthteen life sentences, 957 years in the correctional institution. Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer had a very confusing and difficult childhood. He was born May 21, 1960 in Evangelical Deaconess Hospital in Milwaukee to Joyce and Lionel Dahmer. Joyce Dahmer had paralysis during pregnancy and was put on morphine. Jeffrey Dahmer had a double hernia in his scrotum when he was young, he sooner experienced pain before and after his surgery.

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He later had feelings of sexual insecurity. Dahmer was also molested which was a factor in gender confusion. Joyce Dahmer was not a stabilizing influence in his life, she took multiple drugs around him to deal with her extreme nervousness.

Dahmer did graduate from Revere high school at 18 years old. Later that year his parents divorced and neither of his parents took custody of him and was left alone, this led to a lack of more emotional support. (murderpedia). Dahmer started to pick up innocent victims at 18 years old. About a week after his parents divorce is when he picked up his first victim.

He clubbed him in the head when he tried to leave, he then strangled him and stripped his flesh then smashed his bones (murderpedia). Most of Dahmers victims were african american. (biography) Dahmer would


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