Jaguar land rover is the UK’s largest car manufacturer, they manufacture two major car brands Jaguar and Land Rover. They merged two of these brands into one company. The company was found in the year 2008 by Tata motors. The headquarters are based in Coventry UK.
Jaguar land rover is organised into different departments, the four different departments are operations, finance, human resources and marketing. The operations department have authority over production, manufacturing and purchasing. The finance department has authority over capital budgeting, current assets and budgets. Whereas the human resources department have authority over recruitment, placement, training and promotions. The marketing department has control over advertisement and sales promotion. The board of directors are in charge of everything, they have authority over all the departments, which means that they are managed/controlled by the board of directors. This means that the board of directors make any decisions for these departments. Because of this, we know that the board of directors have the most span of control and authority, as they are right at the top of the structure.
The departments are the main functional areas of the business. The departments include finance, operations, human resources and marketing. The role of the financial department within Jaguar Land Rover is to keep a record of all purchases made and to make strategic decisions for the company. Whereas the role of the operations department is to take care of the manufacturing and production within the company. The human resources department handles recruitment employees and training new staff. On the other hand, the marketing department take care of advertising and promoting the company using different methods such as television and bill board advertising.
Long term strategic planning at Jaguar Land Rover: Long term profitable sustainable growth- The company aims to ensure that they grow their business while dealing with global trends and provide stakeholder needs. Their strategy will help them to ensure the sustainability of products and services within the company is set at all times and stages of the life cycle. This can be one with the support of Tata motors limited, as together they are investing in ambitious growth plans, developing more sustainable products and clean technology.
Jaguar land rover has a tall structure, this is because it is a large organisation with many levels in its hierarchy. This means that the company has a long chain of command (many layers of management within the business). All these layers are controlled by the board of directors, who are the highest part of the hierarchy. This means that the board of directors give instructions to the people at the bottom of the hierarchy such as the production control. Messages/instructions can easily be passed down to members who are higher than the people at a lower level on the hierarchy.
The advantages of having a tall structure are that they are more opportunities for workers at the bottom of the structure, as they have the chance to work at higher levels of the structure. On the other hand, the disadvantages are that decision making will be slower, as decisions will have to be approved by many people in the business, for example the board of directors and the department managers.


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