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IUBAT— International University of Business Agriculture and Technology Research Topic Name “Impact of Political Inconsistency on the Tourism Industry in Bangladesh” Submitted ToAriful Insan Emon Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Language Submitted ByMustak AhmedProgram: BATHMID: 16111004Career Planning and Development (ART203), Sec: J08th November 2018Impact of Political Inconsistency on the Tourism Industry in Bangladesh Table of ContentSL Content Page01 Abstract 102 Introduction 203 Keywords 304 Objective 405 Research Question 506 Hypothesis 607 Methodology 708 Literature Review 8 -909 Limitation 1010 Budget 1111 Time Frame 12 Abstract: Tourism industry is one of the largest service industries in the world.

Tourism industry is one of the successful business sectors in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is one of the famous tourism destinations in global map. It is a land of natural attractions. It has millions of friendly people and more than thousands of cultural heritage site.

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Bangladesh tourism industry faces some problems in every one or two years later for political unrest. For political inconsistency the arrival of foreign tourists and also the movement of domestic ones have stop. For this reason the occupancy rate is increase in hotels, motels, rest house, guest house etc. And it has a great impact on our total economy in our country. So the purpose of the study is to identifying what are the problems for the political inconsistency on tourism industry in Bangladesh.For the political inconsistency situation I found some problems for the tourism industry in Bangladesh. They are the security problem and for that tourist can not come to visit our country.

And another is GDP become lower day by day.The way of overcome this situation we need the support of government. We need to control and stop inconsistency situation in politics and ensuring proper security for the tourist.

IntroductionBangladesh is a developing country. Tourism has become a very important sector both in economy and the economy of the developing countries. Tourism is one of the most important sectors in a large number of developing countries. Tourism sector increase the economic growth, disposable income and leisure time. Developing countries has some common characteristics, such as extreme poverty, political corruption, lack of political and social stability, lower education ratio.

Bangladesh is an attractive destination for tourists, but there are so many problems of tourism sector in Bangladesh. The overall objective of my research paper is to find out the political problems of tourism sector in Bangladesh. Keywords: Political situation in Bangladesh Tourism sector in Bangladesh Tourism places Economic effect of tourism in Bangladesh.ObjectivesThere are number of objective in this research.

First of all the main objective is impact on political inconsistency for tourism sector in Bangladesh. But here I also highlight some objectives. Overview of tourism industry Tourist sport in Bangladesh Find out the way of solving problems Research Questions In our study we face some questions.

They are given below Why political inconsistency situation occur? What type of problems tourist face? Is there any effect of our economy for this reason? What are the main barriers to stop this situation? What types of facility tourist want? Which areas are the most attractive for tourist?Hypothesis: Political inconsistency is a bigger challenge in tourism sector in Bangladesh Few years back what was the political conditions of Bangladesh In this research I am trying to show that situation and what will be the effect of that Find out the problems in tourism sector in Bangladesh and what will be their solutions One important thing is, how tourism sector will be a great impact on our national GDPMethodology:My research is a qualitative research and this research based on mixed method. In this research I was include both primary and secondary data.For collecting the primary data I was followed some steps, they are given below First I was visited some hotels in Dhaka city and ask some questions related to my topic. Online surveyAnd for collecting my secondary data based on Different reports, published articles, websites Daily newspapersThe data has been collected from different sources. For collecting data I faced some problems. One of the big problems is no update data base based on tourism sector in Bangladesh.

No update statistics data in government and also private sector.We able to know about this research if political inconsistency occurred what will be the effect on our national GDP.And the result of this inconsistency situation tourism market goes down day by day. So we need to ensure that types of situation will not occur in Bangladesh.Literature Review The study is a qualitative research and based on many secondary sources. In the part of literature review mentions all the secondary sources.

For this study need to read some articles, journals, newspapers and also visit some web sites and they are related to this research topic.According to Md. Tawhidul Hassan (2013), for the political instability tourism sector faces so many problems, such as market price of tourism related products fall down. Because when political instability occurs in a country that time tourists are not willing to visit that type country. They face some problems; one of the major problems is lack of security. For this reason, tourist cannot go there. These points are also related to this study because this study also talked about the security issue of a tourist.Another article named “The problems and prospects of tourism in Bangladesh, tourism essay (2016), according to this article tourism market`s has a great impact on total economy of Bangladesh.

It also related to our study because in this study says that for developing country like Bangladesh tourism market has a great opportunity to develop the country. Bangladesh has so many beautiful tourist sports and for that in every year many tourists come to visit Bangladesh. And they spend their money for different purpose.

It is increases economies rate. But when political inconsistency occur tourists are not willing to visit Bangladesh and for this tourism market fall down. So, we can say that tourism market has a great impact on total GDP of a country.

For this reason, it is related to this study.And another journal related to this study Md. Masudur (2010) talked about major tourism sector in Bangladesh and it`s security.

In our study also talked about this topic. That is Cox`s Bazaar is one of the major tourism sites in Bangladesh. In every year many local and foreign tourist come to visit there and it has a great impact of tourism sector in Bangladesh. But if political inconsistency situation occurs very few amounts of tourist go there, sometimes no tourist goes there for security issue. Our study also says about this, for this reason it is related to our study.

Another thing is for this research needs to read some newspapers and visit some web sites, they talked about the economic effect, security etc. And in this study also said about the entire same topic, for this reason this all are related to this study.So, all of that this part will also capture thoughts on factor affecting the political impact on tourism sector in Bangladesh. This research critically analysis existing political problems and their impact on tourism industry in Bangladesh. LimitationDuring the completion processes of my research work I faced some problems and also faced some limitations for both primary and secondary sources.For secondary sources, Very limitation sources of correct and appropriate data and information for my research topic.

Cost factors, because of many of the wed sites are really expensive. Time limitation, because of these types of research activities require more time.For primary sources, Responds from the selected area.

It is not possible to go every tourist sport in Bangladesh, so it is mainly based on online survey.This research is mainly based on both primary and secondary data and it is a qualitative research.Budget We request a total TK. 8,200 for the research purpose.

The majority of funds will go for travelling purpose and also have some other purposes. They are given belowSl No. Purpose Amount (Taka)1 Online Cost 16002 Survey Cost 10003 Pen and Papers 1004 Printing Cost 3005 Travelling Cost 25006 Accommodation Cost 20007 Others Cost 700Time Frame Time frame for this research paper is given below,Layer Activity Start Time End Time Duration (Day)1 Select a research topic and prepared cover page, table of content, executive summary, hypothesis, methodology and also find out the key words, research objectives and research questions. 06th September 2018 04th October 2018 292 Find out the research limitations, prepared literature review, submit budget and time frame for the research 05th October 2018 18th October 2018 143 Field research for collecting primary data and work for main desiccation chapters. 19th October 2018 20th November 2018 334 And finally prepared the conclusion, recommendation, reference and appendix 21st November 2018 05th December 2018 15 Total = 91 (Days)


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