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Last updated: February 7, 2020

It was when I first visited Indonesia Stock Exchange that I became interested in pursuing a degree in Economics and Finance. Indonesia’s worst financial crisis in 1998 has intrigued me to learn more on how to achieve a low inflation rate and how the power of money affects the future of its people. I notice that Indonesia has a great opportunity to grow into a developed country as it has abundant resources. However, it is lacking in competent people to reshape Indonesia and make effective use of its wealth.

The wide gap between the rich and poor in my country motivates me to seek a financial degree in order to solve poverty and make equal distribution of income become a reality. Therefore, I aspire to have a career which can make positive difference in Indonesia’s economic growth and people’s lives. These conflicts have led me to develop a keen interest in Economics. I started taking IGCSE Economics to expand my understanding of basic economic theory and how to deal with different economic problems, for instance the problem of scarcity and market failure.

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I also took seven other subjects, including English and Additional Mathematics, to improve my general skills such as on concluding a statement and solving major mathematical problems. To further strengthen my desire in studying Economics and Finance, I am currently studying A-level subjects which I believe will benefit me in different aspects of life. Studying Economics has showed me the fundamental role it plays in our daily lives.

Participating in two science classes at A-Level has surely boosted my confidence in scientific abilities. My current experience in taking A-Level Mathematics has greatly improved my logical method of thinking and taught me different ways in overcoming challenging nature of mathematical problems. Having the opportunity to take A-Level subjects gives me a firm foundation for studying Economics and Finance at University.Participating in community service enables me to put my Economics knowledge into practice, develops my social skills and has lent me a global perspective. Every month, we are welcomed by students from government school and given the opportunity to teach them, particularly on Mathematics and Life Skills. I found this activity engaging and enjoyable as I can share something that I am skilled at to help others. I also teamed up with other community service members to hold a business project called, “Buy for a Better Cause”.

We raised profit that was donated to an orphanage that focuses on fostering disabled children.During my Christmas holiday, I spent my weekdays interning at CIMB Securities to gain practical experience in the workplace. Having worked there for three weeks, I now realize that working experience plays vital role in future success.

I have learned how to write a formal report with statistics and tables, assist and provide information to the readers on our current financial condition and help other staffs in the way they needed. Overall, internship has taught me valuable lessons in life–responsibility, use of IT and time management.Aside from academics, playing piano and photography are my immense interests.

I enjoy strolling around a city while taking pictures and making cinematic videos. I hope I will be able to push my musical limits and expand my interests at the University. I believe I will gain deeper understanding of the financial world from the study of Economics and Finance at University. By opting for this area of study, I will be able to help my country using my best ability and make a positive change to the people’s lives in later years.

I am looking forward to experience university life–not only in terms of academic grounds, but also various social experiences.


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