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Last updated: January 11, 2020

It was first in pigs and mutated into an airborne virus and then it was contagious to humans. So people would first get it was direct contact with pigs so pig farmers and suchthings like that were more vulnerable to this type of disease. How does Swine flu spread:H1N1 spreads from pig to pig and person to person and sometimes pig to person , from inhaling the virus or by touching surfaces with the virus, then touching the mouth or nose. It is also contagious by coughing or sneezing What is the side effects:It causes pain in your muscles also may cause coughs that may be a dry and painful other side effects are diarreia, vomiting, and nausea. For body side effects it causes chills, fatigue, or fever, Also headache, shortness of breath, and sore throat. An if not treated it can cause death. How to prevent Swine FluWash your hands frequently, If your sick with the flu stay home and get rest , Do not cough on your hands use your sleeve or a tissue same with sneezing , Get plenty of exercise, Dispose of used tissues properly , Have good eating habits , Last of all get yo self a flu shot Where did it originate from In 1998 in 4 states in the US the swine flu was first discovered. It has now mutated into a bird flu as well TreatmentThere’s no actual treatment there is only symptom relives. Doctors usually will prescribe Tamiflu or Relenza. But sometimes the flu will grow or develop a resistance the the drug so it may it work


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