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Last updated: March 2, 2019

It was a gloomy and foggy night. The weather forecast said that it was probably going to rain. Taylor, a twenty year old university student, was at her house having a movie marathon all by herself. She was enjoying that peaceful night with Johnny Depp on the TV and a bowl of popcorn next to her. Suddenly something scared her.

Something loud disturbed her relaxing evening. She got up and realized that there was a storm outside. The night sky ended up being very bright. So bright and loud that the people around the neighborhood weren’t able to sleep. Taylor was watching the whole chaos from her kitchen’s window. All of a sudden she noticed two bright green dots hiding in the bushes.

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They started getting closer and closer. Unexpedectly these two dots came running to the window and were staring straight into her eyes. Lauren went and opened the door to see what that was. Just as she opened the door a beautiful but soaking wet, puppy rushed in to avoid the storm. Of course she was more than happy to let the dog stay at her house. Since he was very muddy she gave him a warm bath to clean him.

Then she went to the kitchen and put some milk in a bowl and gave it to him because he looked very hungry. After the bath he was still shivering so she got a comfy blanket and placed it in front of the lit fireplace so he can go there and sit near the fire to get warm. That night happened something unpredicted. Who knew that an unexpected guest could become a person’s best friend in one night? Now Buddy has no intention of letting his new mummy out of his sight.


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