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Last updated: March 22, 2019

It seems that as technology moves forward, the human race moves back. People have become so excited to try out new technology, that nobody thinks to take a step back and look at the risks that advancing machines threatens us with. Intelligent machines threaten us with economic hardships and the dehumanization of people.
Intelligent machines will most likely lead to economic hardships. Machines cost less, and as they become more advanced, humans will without question be replaced. According to the International Business Times, industrial robots will prove less costly to employ than people by 2025, this is because a company can by $300,000 dollars a year for one machine, but has to pay a number of employees a $50,000 salary a year each. Because of this, experts predict, that by 2025, robots will have taken over 30% of our jobs. This is scary because when you take away those jobs, people are less likely to be able to pump back into the economy. Also, when a majority of manufacturing jobs get replaced, the only jobs that will be left are jobs which require a college degree, and if someone is not college material and did not go to college, then they are left with very little options for a career and very little opportunities.
Humans are the superior animal in the world that we live in, we can run, like cheetahs, jump like kangaroos, swim, like sharks, climb, like monkeys, but what makes us truly superior is our minds, the ability to work with our hands, and our ability to communicate. However, these days we rely on machines to do everything that used to set us apart. Machines build our cars, a job that used to be done by humans. There are robot lawn mowers that cut our grass for us, and machines like computers and now think for us, because now instead of pondering about a question, until you get the answer, we can simply search it on a computer. Machines are expected to reach human intelligence by the year 2025, that means that in the soon to be future machines will be able to perform many human-like actions.
In conclusion, if we don’t slow down the advancement of AI, humans will no longer be the superior being inhabiting the Earth. We will be surpassed by machines with no brain, and no heart. Machines are more efficient, cheaper, and soon to be more intelligent than humans. As we rely on machines to do everything for us, from building our cars, to cutting our grass, communicating and thinking for us, we will be at risk for losing those skills that make us unique. Machines are threatening our economy, by replacing humans at the jobs that before we could only do, and leaving many with little options of employment. In no way should this essay imply that intelligent machines and artificial intelligence should not exist, however when humans rely on them for everything, we are at risk to lose the natural human instincts that make us unique.


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