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Last updated: February 14, 2019

“It is up to each person to recognize his or her true preferences.

“Isabel Briggs MyersA preference is something you like. A person may prefer watching above reading. A person may prefer to remain silent or take action. There is nothing wrong or right. Every choice has its own pros and cons. They help us to be different from others.

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It is very important for everyone to understand their preferences as they define the personality of a person. The very essence of studying organizational behavior lies in helping people identify their personalities and providing insights In this Personal learning paper, I would like to talk about not the course contents but what I learned both about myself and about the subject. The subject made me realize my competencies and gave me a clear understanding of skills that I need to inculcate. Personally, I would like to work on those areas of my personality before I go back to the industry.When I first attended the organizational behavior class, I did not know what to expect. I was expecting everlasting lectures on business etiquettes which are imperative to work in an organization or a corporate.

But I realized in the first class that there is so much more to organizational behavior that I bargained for. Moreover, the way Professor Elankumar has conducted the lectures has made the course both informative and interactive. Every lecture offers you something conceptual which is supplemented by videos, exercises and cases that add practicality to the concept.I would like to start with one of the first things that I learned in the class – The Hawthrone Study. The study focuses on the impact that favorable working conditions and positive interactions had on the productivity of a worker.

The Maruti case further gave a clear understanding of why it is important for the management to understand their employee needs. I can personally relate to the Hawthrone study as I was also faced with difficult working conditions in my previous employment. Because of that I lost interest in the work which I was doing and hence my productivity declined. This shows that organizations constantly need to take note of the employee requirements. A meaningful environment is imperative to bring about benefits for both the organizations and the employees. The class also talked about the Determinants of a personality. The characteristic that really caught my eye was Self Esteem. I was really astonished to know what low self-esteem can do to the confidence of an individual.

Reflecting on the past I would like to admit that I have many a times also suffered from low self-esteem. During those times people did get the better of me. This is one trait in my personality that I would like to work upon so that moving forward I will be better equipped to handle such kind of situations.Another exercise that intrigued me was the Big 5 Locator.

It is a model that gives a personality description based on common language descriptors. I had always thought of myself as an emotionally stable person. But to my surprise my score indicated that I was very excitable and reactive. And after observing my interactions with people I did realize that I was way too emotional. The exercise also showed low scores on the parameter of Agreeableness indicating that I was a challenger which again was something I was unaware about. The tool thus helped me to understand my competencies and weaknesses in a much concrete and clear way. The MBTI or the Myers – Briggs Type Indicator exercise helped me look into my personality in depth.

My personality came out to be an ‘ISTJ’. I would not say that I was surprised by the result as it was something expected. Though I was definitely enthralled about sharing my personality with eminent personalities like Warren Buffet and Henry Ford. The other intriguing part of the exercise is how a set of behavioral and preferential questions can impart an understanding about personality.

An understanding that has been evading most of us till present.


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