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Last updated: March 13, 2019

It is understood fact that for any U.S Olympic athlete wearing the US uniform is a proud moment. For such representation, it is not appropriate that the uniform is made from other country.

Ralph Lauren needs to put more research in order to find manufacturer of the Olympic uniform within the country.

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It is unethical practice make athlete wear outsourced uniforms. In order to make things rights, Ralph Lauren needs to make for effort in planning and searching for the material and its production within the country

Considering the response of Ralph Lauren it is believed that his response is based on the reactive policy and it is mainly due to the backlash of his action about US athlete uniform.

Ralph Lauren has considered all the consequences of his action and learned from his mistake. Considering on the response and attitude of Ralph Lauren, his response is reactive ethical policy
In my opinion, I believed that I will prefer to wear made in USA clothes to support and grow my local industry and business. Wearing the other country’s production will cost more to my country and will eventually lead to reducing the home made benefits.

Given this consideration, I think it is ethical to criticize the Ralph Lauren decision


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