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It is possible that environmental changes could make things better and restore the historical buildings structure, monuments with only the generated income by tourists (Williams 2004).

Therefore, in highly valuable areas like natural waterfalls, oceans, lakes and mountains could attract people to enjoy a viewable moment and those who deeply seek inner peace and emotionally relieved by the nature. Although, tourism could protect its assets and lower down the environmental risks made by humans or tourists which is directly affecting atmosphere, water, noise and lands etc.2.3.1.

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Water & Land resources Water is essential element for the biological life, humans, animals and all the living species on earth. Though, many construction companies use water to mix the products to build. The main impact of water on the land and for the tourism industry is that to control the level to keep the water diseases free and maintain its PH level (Seabloom, Plews, & Cox, 1989). An essential element is also critical natural resource, generally water usage increased due to such architectural buildings including, resorts, swimming pool, hotels, golf course and personal use in community as well the visitors. Not only water provides nutrition & necessary vitamins to detox the toxins from the body and human health is relatively important.

Due to a large number of usage the water is being drained to sewage where potentially disease occurs including hepatitis, viral infections, typhoid fever and more. In some area due to the tendency of the temperature or the climate it’s the another issue for the community to consume more water even when they’re on tour or at home enjoying holiday. A roughly estimate was imagined that normally the consumption of water goes up to 440 liters a day (UNEP,1999). People love to play golf and golf park or ground is being watered excessively which causes water scarcity, golf are usually built near the areas which are protected or gradually limited to obtain resources. Not just water helps the management to overcome the impacts that diversify the elements and the loss of lands minerals which creates pressure on the resources to be utilized likewise including, energy, food and other short raw materials supply. Researcher’s analyze that due to the constant construction of tourism is higher including recreational activities on the valuable assets and resources are associated with the physical impacts whether its natural or artificial.

The use of such premises in tourism for tourists are high in demands that can be renewable and non-renewable in the facilities which causes the use of lodging ; motels properties. Negative impacts aren’t just affecting the land, water or such natural elements, it has also affected the forests by land clearing and collection of wood (UNEP, 1999).2.3.

2. Air & noise pollution As the increment of population which causes polluted air, noise, waste of chemicals and sewage affecting the industry and the atmosphere. Most the air pollution occurs due to high number of automobiles usage which release carbon monoxide that pollutes the atmosphere and becomes difficult to breath (Andereck, 1993). Not only specific automobile emits the dangerous smoke directly into the air there are many more likewise continuously increasing that polluting the air including airline, rails, light vehicles and heavy vehicles and more(1997). As the industry growing with that it brings more tourists and more tourists means more polluted air and loss of bio life. These dangerous gases which are produced by the transportation which causes an average person to consume more of that (ICAO,2001).

These vehicles causes acid rain, global warming and damaging the ozone layer due to large number of carbon dioxide / monoxide which is a partial resource of energy and the impact would be directly affecting the tourists and the visitors. In a modern era of life the vehicle’s make noise which is affecting the atmosphere produced by cars, buses, airplanes as well as recreational or theme parks vehicles and more. 2.3.3 Sewage Dangerous chemicals coming straight from factories, hotels, recreational parks, hospitals and other facilities are directly goes into the sewage which led to causes pollution. Tourists, management and community should keep in mind that the more the garbage they’ll keep or throw around the oceans, lakes, seas and the nature areas would be polluted and damages the valuable resources (Andereck, 1993).

In open area the when those chemicals and the garbage are thrown directly into the water not such diseases are born but causes serious damage due to having numerous nutrients in itn (Gartner, 1996). To prevent and keep the environment eco-friendly serious action should be taken against it. Human , wild and biological life is being threatened due to polluted sewage.

Lack of knowledge many destinations have failed to provide such constructional pattern to prevent this happening. Instead of disposing the hideous elements which is supportive towards roads, infrastructure and other service locations(Bacon, 1987).2.

3.4. Climate changeIn my opinion, the climate is actually the temperature of the earth we’ve been living on and rapidly increasing due to the loss of ozone layer. The gases below trap the sun from putting too much heat and the most of the gases as carbon dioxide is being generated by such resources as coal, oil, fossil fuels and other natural gases.

When deforestation happens while the land is in use show many changes frequently. Apparently, these gases cause environmental change as well the temperature to divert the global climate tourism. There’s a connection between tourism and climate , one depends on the other they’re supporting each other to enhance tourists experience(WWF,1992). Various factors are taken under consideration to find out the comparability among the resources whether its linked with tourism or environment. Based of climate changes high frequency of disaster are noted that affected the regions and different parts of the region.

Driven impacts shows a greater risk of global warming that occurs to be in a loss of natural resources. This might decompose and increase the impacts which would be ultimately vulnerable likely to not to have rainfall, snowfall and shortening the seasons, water and more (Hall, 2001).To be seen that results might breach and damages the major attractions areas firstly and increase number of disasters like extreme weather, typhoons, tornadoes and hurricanes(UNEP,1997).2.3.5.

Natural disasterYou can’t do anything about natural disaster causing severe damage and catastrophes like , earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, wildfires and more might seriously affect tourism and environment in result of happening that would cause many dangerous diseases throughout the region whether its inbound & domestically.


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