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Last updated: March 23, 2019

It is no exaggeration to say that at present information technologies plays a significant role in the life of each of us. At the moment it is difficult to imagine a person who does not have a mobile phone or some other gadget. Even at small children at times you will notice such thing.

Information technology has penetrated so much deeply into our everyday life that sometimes we abandon the external world, replacing it with technical devices. Traveling around the city, we involuntarily come across the fact that many people go next to each other silently, “buried” in their phones, because they actually replace them with real communicationbut it has the good effect in the field of education because the use of computer technologies in education provides great opportunities for both the teacher and students. Technologies made everything so easy, for example, the computer can offer text for reading, exercises, tasks, as well as questions for answers.

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Technologies make it possible to simplify the work of the student, and also to save his time. You can get all the information from the internet and you can do any task in no matter of time, for example- there are audio lessons available for the topics, there are many tutorials on internet which made easy for students to learn the concepts easily and there are many more things that helped to evolve the level of education. There are so many kids who are afraid and shy of asking the teachers about their doubts but technology made it so easy for them, they don’t have to say anything to anyone, and they just have to search on internet. With the help of technologies teachers as well as students becomes more creative, they learn new method of action, they have new way to teach and learn the things. The process of computerization is irreversible, it cannot be stopped. All developed countries develop and use information technology training.

But is it really good to have technology in education? It creates diversion from studies because they have constant access to the internet and most of the students have accounts on social networks, so they can’t stop themselves from logging in. many studies have shown that, in the school there is a tendency to reduce the level of development of students’ speech, the ability to correctly and clearly formulate the idea, generalize, make conclusions. It has reduced the interaction of


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