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Last updated: May 1, 2019

It is important to ensure that everyone is aware of their role and expectations are clear from the start. All information shared, is done so in appropriate and timely manner, is accurate and in line with data protection(Gdpr)This includes written, verbal and computerAll actions must be agreed and followed through and completed within the agreed time limitAgree common objectives when working with other professionalsWithin the boundaries of own role and responsibilitiesWhen agreeing common objectives with other professionals I must follow and work within the guidelines ,policies and procedures, set by the department to ensure I stay within the boundaries of own role and responsibilities Evaluate procedures for working with other professionalsWhen evaluating procedures for working with other professionals I need to ensure that actions are monitored and reviewed, this is to determine whether the agreed actions have been completed within the set timescale, This would take place at the next scheduled meeting, where previous meeting minutes are discussed and reviewed, with new time scales set if requiredThis also applies to staff during supervision I also have questionnaires available which seek the opinions and experiences and are available for staff, other professionals, service users and family members.These are placed at the front entrance of the unit and can be filled in at any point.Deal constructively with any conflict that may arise with other professionalsIt is important that to remain impartial and non-judgemental, listen to all viewpoints, for the outcome to be successful, and neither party feel undermined in any way, As conflict with one another can have a negative effect causing inconsistencies which can lead to confusion in the workplace.There are times that it may not be possible to deal with the conflict in house and a third party such as advocacy/mediation may be required to prevent the possibility of self interest or personal opinions being an issue.There is also a formal complaints procedure that may need to be used if the conflict cannot be addressed.


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