Topic: BusinessStrategy

Last updated: March 1, 2019

It is important that all members of a team share a common sense of purpose that supports an overall vision or strategy of an organisation.

This can also extend to stakeholders as a common sense of purpose in organisations represents its identity and therefore the services it provides. It gives employees common goals to work towards as a team and there for motivates them to achieve these goals. This helps employees be committed to an organisation and put extra effort in their work, to work towards goals. When we all work towards the same common goals we can collaborate together as a team and work more effectively to achieve and share the success. Rebecca Griffiths says, “We are purposeful creatures; we need structure, routine and goals to function effectively”Everyone has a sense of purpose and is working towards something. Without purpose we become demotivated, with a goal to work towards we have a healthier outlook on life, this can also be found in the workplace.

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All employees have their own sense of purpose be that going to work to support your family or getting through the week, so you can enjoy their weekend traits or hobby. But, having a sense of purpose within a team or organisation can make the difference between doing a great job or a mediocre one for your employer.


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