Topic: Culture

Last updated: March 26, 2019

It is important in any organization to develop group roles and individual requirement. In Robbins’ book, Organizational behaviors, he outlines roles by defining role perception and role expectations. Robbin ; Judge, (2017) defined role perception how we’re supposed to act in a given situation and role expectations the way others believe you should act. Hasting’s a developed a unique culture at Netflix that made the company extremely successfully.

Hastings’ uses Freedom & Responsibility to help develop the roles of the employees. Hastings’ has employed the psychological contract approach for workplace culture. Psychological contract is an unwritten agreement between employees and employers (Robbins,2017, pg.281). An example of the psychological contract he uses with Netflix employees is the number of hours they work. Employees are not judge on the how hard they appear to be working but on how they produce. Hastings’ cares about high level of performance with minimal effort (Stenovec,2015) The expectation of Netflix employees is to work a super high level.

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Netflix’s success can be attributed on how Reed Hastings as developed the company cultures through his culture decks. The seven aspects to culture Hastings’ runs the company. He believes in setting the appropriate context instead of controlling his work force.


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