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Last updated: December 15, 2019

It is important in a business environment to use the correct type of communication to ensure that all information that is being said is correct and accurate. When you are speaking to your customers, or in my business environment tenants, it is important that you speak to them win a professional manner and do not use technical terminology. Using words which you understand in the workplace may not be appropriate to people on the outside as they may not understand and do something incorrect or take it the wrong way. It is important to speak to them in a cheerful tone, this will allow them to feel comfortable to speaking to you and can confide in you if they have a problem. When passing information around the workplace having the correct communication method is vital as without it the information can be misinterpreted.
When speaking to colleagues you are able to speak informally with them as they can be seen as your friends and you are comfortable with them. You are also able to use technical terminology as they understand it. In my work place there is many different letters which are sent out and they all different names such as an ROO form. This is sent to a tenant if they wanted a refunded on their account if they are in credit. If i was to say this to a tenant then they would be confused to what that was. We also have abbreviations in the workplace such as DRO which is a debt relief order. It is easier using the abbreviation as it is shorter and colleagues understand what you are talking about.
In the workplace it is always useful to collect all information before relaying it to colleagues or tenants. This way there is no confusion and you are able to check that all information is correct. In work we have a diary system which allows colleagues to write on each tenants diary about any type of contact they may have such as a phone call, if an forms have been filled out for them i.e universal credit forms, or if they are going to court. As there are so many tenants it would be difficult to remember all the conversations you have a day. This way you are able to note all your work and other colleagues can be up to date too.


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