It is essential to continually improve our knowledge and practices as this enables the service to keep up to date and adapt to changing needs to ensure we provide a relevant and appropriate service that meets the needs of the service and the service user

The department provides mandatory training also the opportunity to develop your skills in the areas necessary as personal development benefits not only the person but also the service, service user leading to better working practices

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As a senior it is part of my responsibility to ensure the staff are up to date in all mandatory training and any changes in legislation and standards.

Analyze potential barriers to professional development

There can be times where staff members are not open to change and development, this can be discussed during supervisions to find and remove any barriers involved.
This could be the fact they struggle with computers and the training is online.
Have trouble with spelling when writing
Personal commitments may make attending training away from the work place difficult.
It is important to take time to talk together in a quiet and private environment to give support and find a solution for the issue and move forward.

Compare the use and different sources and systems of support for professional development

There are various forms of support that are important for professional development
Appraisal is helpful for managers to assess performance against the department’s requirements and aims.
This can be done during your Personal Development Review which is held 2/3 times a year and should result in a personal development plan.
Staff meetings where discussion between staff can provide an opportunity to pass on and learn something new from other team members and the chance to reflect on your own knowledge and practices.
Buddy system when a new staff member starts I will often assign a “buddy” this is where the established member of staff can help support and encourage learning. This can help the established staff to impart their knowledge while assisting the new member of staff, who then can often give a new insight into ways of performing and developing.

Explain factors to consider when selecting opportunities and activities for keeping knowledge and practice up to date

It is important to ensure that all opportunities and activities are relevant to keeping your knowledge and practices up to date. Whether it is personal development for self-esteem, confidence and communication, or professional development to aid my career and enhance my skills which are important to ensure I can continue to provide a high standard of care for the service users and staff. This can be achieved through training, supervisions and reflective practice.
It is essential that to keep up to date with policies and procedures within the department.

Be able to prioritize goals and targets for own professional development

Evaluate own knowledge and performance against standards and benchmarks

I have a job description which states t my main duties and day to day responsibilities
The home I manage is inspected by Registration and Inspection and a report is made as to whether I am meeting these standards.
If any standards are not being met they are recorded, and I am tasked with improvements, usually to a set time limit.
(When Registration and Inspection highlights area for improvement it is split into requirements and recommendations – in this case I prioritise the requirements as they are needed to operate safely, effectively and legally).
I complete a performance development record, where objectives are set relating to areas of my work, professional development and positive behavioural indicators.
This is reviewed by my line manager twice a year.

Prioritize development goals and targets to meet expected standards

Development goals and targets to meet expected standards are prioritised in order of mandatory and then the minimum to safely and effectively carry out the job.
For example, all staff must be trained in first aid and safer moving and handling training, these would take priority over RiO training
I also need to be aware of when staff last received training, as they require updating at regular intervals. And it is important they do not expire if this does occur they would take priority over those who are still in date.

Be able to prepare a professional development plan

Select learning opportunities to meet development objectives and reflect personal learning style

I set my development objectives by use of an annual appraisal known as a Pdr. By doing this I am more likely to obtain support from my managers as I can demonstrate direct value to the work place as well as to myself.
I personally like to learn through direct experience so prefer courses which have the opportunity to participate through practical learning rather than lectures with just theory.

Produce a plan for own professional development, using an appropriate source of support

The plan that I produce for my own professional development is called my Pdr. This Plan states the Government Departments objectives for the year, along with my own objectives and goals, that relate directly to my role in the service.
If this has implications for the workplace regarding finances they must be agreed with my line manager.

Establish a process to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan

My Pdr is put in place at the start of the year and is reviewed half yearly by myself and my line manager – to evaluate and record how I am progressing and address any issues that may of occurred. This is again reviewed and signed off at the end of the year where achievements are measured against my objectives

Be able to improve performance through reflective practice

Compare models of reflective practice

Reflective practice can take place following the models of reflecting ‘on action’ – looking at something that has taken place to inform future practice, or reflection ‘in action’ looking at things as they are happening to inform current practice.
I have used on action reflection (such as Gibbs Reflective Cycle (1988) when completing a review of incidents or accidents. Whilst risk assessments are in place to minimise risk, accidents can still happen and it is important to reflect on events to reduce the possibility of further occurrences.
I have used reflection when completing risk assessments. To look at the possible risks and put procedures in place that would minimise them in future

Explain the importance of reflective practice to improve performance

Reflective practice is important to improve performance in the work place, Issues shared with colleagues and this can then lead to improving teamwork.
It also allows for the process that led to the outcome to be followed step by step, such as when completing an incident/accident reporting form and looking at revising practices to minimise the potential for repeat occurrences.

Use reflective practice and feedback from others to improve performance

Staff or service users involved in an incident or accident are required to complete an incident recording form, explaining the circumstances of the incident, and what they feel were the issues.
I discuss this information with the people involved and using reflective practice we agree what measures will be required to minimise the potential of a repeat occurrence. For example, it may show that further staff training is required or changes to the environment which means that you may need to review service users support plans or risk assessments.

Evaluate how practice has been improved through:
reflection on best practice
reflection on failures and mistakes

When reviewing an incident/accident report form for a service user whose mobility had decreased and had a fall as they got out of bed without the knowledge of the night staff as they were dealing with another service user it was identified that the present bed was no longer suitable. We then liaised with occupational therapy who after assessment provided a bed which lowered to floor level when the service user was asleep there by reducing the risk of falling.
As a staff team we had not considered the potential risks, of him trying to get out of bed due to decreased mobility but on reflection we were able to change our practice to make improvements.


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