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Last updated: February 19, 2019

It is described almost from the start of 19th century, when the glass eyes wore on face was taken place by the other product made of metal but it was not well tolerated by people. In 1835, cryolite glass was replaced for lead glass, from then till mid 1940s it is the most favorite material used in production of artificial eyes. In 1940s, glass eyes were replaced by plastic in Virginia by Joseph Galeski (of Richmond, Virginia), this is said that at that time some of the military hospitals in America have already using plastic eyes and they were dispensing them of. (Obaton, 2000). The present day knowledge of artificial eyes we have has been possible due to tremendous research and thinking and efforts of so many individuals.

The real gem is the establishment of American Society of Ocularists (1957) and the re making and refining of the implants used in eyes and this would not have been possible without the inventions of new techniques in surgery to help the Ocularists achieve the maximum result out of their production.(Martin,1979)

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