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Last updated: November 5, 2019

It is certainly a very important aspect to assess a student’s knowledge in the process of education. Examination is a testing method planned to measure knowledge and skills of students. It is essential to identify the impacts of examination in one’s life. Therefore, this essay will discuss the positive and negative factors of examinations.

Firstly, examination is beneficial in many aspect of life. This usually creates competition among students as it plays an important role in pursuing excellence. For example, students work hard to get higher marks in class and receive rewards of university admission. This way, examinations promote opportunity for the students to develop competition with peers in improving skills and knowledge to get higher marks in each subject.Furthermore, examination is an easy assessing tool to test students’ abilities and intelligence level.

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An examination are given at the end of the year and during the mid-year to assess how much a student knows about a particular subject and how well a student understands the concept of each subject chosen. For instance, a teacher can know if the students have understood the materials taught throughout the year. That way not only the teacher knows the weak point of a student but also the students’ will get to know their capabilities. Therefore, exams are excellent way to assess students’ knowledge.


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