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Last updated: December 2, 2019

It has two thousand four hundred fourteen frontal face pictures of thirty eight persons in sixty four different lighting conditions.

It has for every person in a typical pose, a picture with surrounding (background) lighting was too gathered. The pictures are classified into 4 subsets in line with the lighting angle in concern to the axis of camera. The set one and set a pair of cowl the angular range 0? to 25?, the set three extends from 25? to 50?, the Subset four covers 50? to 77?, and Subset 5 covers angles which are larger than 78?.

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In order to simulate various levels of contiguous occlusions, the most used scheme is to revive an indiscriminately placed square patch from every test picture with a catarrhine picture that has analogous texture with the human face. The position of the occlusion is indiscriminately chosen. The sizes of the synthetic occlusions vary in the range of 10% to 50% of the original image 2, 13.The well-known 3D expression databases are the “Face Recognition Grand Challenge” (FRGC) databases.

It had a high footprint on the advancement of face recognition techniques. Therefore it’s conjointly thought of as the reference databases for substantiating the 3D recognition of face techniques. The Face Recognition Grand Challenge (FRGC) database has eight thousand fourteen pictures from four hundred sixty six subjects in difference periods.

For each subject in each session, there are 4 controlled stationary pictures, 2 uncontrolled stationary pictures, and a single 3D picture. The still pictures have changes like lighting, time-lapse and expression variations etc. The unconstrained pictures were captured in changing illuminations. Every group of unconstrained pictures have 2 expressions, neutral and smiling.

To simulate the randomly located occlusions, one can relocate a randomly placed square patch from every picture by a black block. The position of the occlusion is indiscriminately chosen. The size of the black block varies in the range of 10% to 50% of the original image 2. This database can be downloaded from the link


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