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Last updated: August 9, 2019

Islam is originated in present day Saudi Arabia where Muhammad, a prophet, was born. Islam was able to spread faster due to trade, religion and military advances. According to Document A, the trade routes through Mecca were busy with many types of goods being shared. For example, some things that were passed along these trade routes were: spices, perfumes, precious metals, ivory and silk headed north from Yemen. Over the years the traders would remember and carry on what they learned from Muhammad. Mecca became the center of trade and the center of Islam that leads to the spread of faith from traders and merchants. In Document E, “The Ordinances of Government,” it also helped to spread Islam by explaining the rules in a sense to the Muslims to prevent any wrongful actions.

The people were intrigued by this because they knew the specifics of how to be true to their faith and not stray away from Muhammad’s teachings. The author of this document, Abu al-Hasan Al-Mawardi, uses an academic tone to convey that he believed telling the Muslims rules of the government that they would then be better followers and be happier about the spread of Islam. By doing this it would portray the subject more clearly and he tells what he looks for in Islam. This also aids in seeing if the documents clearly get their points across. Lastly, Islam has spread through military campaigns which is shown in the map of Islam (Doc. C) The map shows how people were conquered by Muslims chose to convert to the newly spread religion.

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