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Last updated: April 8, 2019

Islam developed from a new religion to a strong imperial power; using Arabic as its language. For more than 1,400 years ago since its birth in Arabia, the history of Islamic Civilization has a clear fact of origin, which started with the career of Muhammad in the seventh century, it has made a major impact in the contemporary era, which has grown rapidly, making a profound influence in the field of philosophy, literature, science, arts, and medicine throughout history. From the C.7 A.D., through the C. 15 A.

D., the Islamic empire expanded successfully and conquered half of the former Roman empire which included the Mediterranean, North Africa, the Iberian Peninsula, and the Indian subcontinent. Islam is the name of the religion which was founded by the Prophet Muhammad, who was born in Mecca and settled in Medina around 622.

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Islam was established over 500 years after Christianity and many centuries after Buddhism and Hinduism. Islam is one of the world’s major religions, along with Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, and Christianity. Islam’s core philosophy is that there is one all-powerful, all-knowing God, who is referred to by the Arabic name, Allah. In Arabic, the word ‘Islam’ means submission or surrender to Allah’s will (will of God.

). Islam teaches that God, Allah, created the heavens and the earth. Mankind has been created in order to come to know Allah. This world is seen as a brief plane in which we are tested and our good/bad deeds weighed on Judgement Day. One who follows Islam is a Muslims, presently estimate of 1.1 billion people worldwide are Muslims and practice Islamic traditions. Muslims believe Mohammed was the last and most important in a series of prophets, including Abraham, Moses, and Jesus.

The holy book of Islam is known as the Koran, which means “the timeless words of God.”. Beliefs are governed by a principle which is called “Aqeeda”, tenets of faith, i.e. the things you have to believe to be a Muslim as opposed to not.

The core practices are known as the Five Pillars these being: daily prayer, faith, fasting, pilgrimage, and almsgiving.Execution of the Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam, which means to set out for a place and for Muslims that place is Mecca. It is mandatory for every Muslim to make the journey at least once in a lifetime.


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