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Inventor, mathematician, writer, painter, and etc:, Leonardo Da Vinci, known as one of the most productive minds in the renaissance; maybe, in history. Born and raised in Anchiano, Italy April 15, 1452. He was born out of wedlock and raised by his father and step mother. He went to live with his uncle and grandfather in Venice, Italy when he had turned five years old. Leonardo Da Vinci never went to school; however, starting in his mid-teens he went to a art school founded by and taught another well known mind of the renaissance , Andrea del Verrocchio, one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s reasons for being in the fine arts world.

It is because of Andrea del Verrocchio that Leonardo Da Vinci was doing as much as he could in society, because him himself was a sculptor, painter, and etc:; so, with Andrea del Verrocchio we would not have all the information we would have now, because he is just as responsible as Leonardo Da Vinci; yet, he was a huge inspiration to Leonardo Da VInci he was not the only major inspiration. Another inspiration would have been Dante (a famous scholar from italy many years before Leonardo Da VInci and was the Leonardo Da Vinci of his time just incase you do not know him) he had been a very big role model for Leonardo Da Vinci. Leonardo Da Vinci use to study Dante’s findings before he went to Andrea del Verrocchio’s school, so Dante was technically Leonardo Da Vinci’s first teacher.Leonardo Da Vinci was in the renaissance movement a french word that means “rebirth” in english translation. The main point of the renaissance is the starting point where people started to question the world and put scientific reason before faith; however, even with the change in thinking the church was still as powerful if not more. Philosophies that have came from this movement are the better understanding of: sculpting, painting, writing, mathematics, inventing, physics, and many more philosophies.

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The characteristic that distinguishes Leonardo Da Vinci artwork is the fact that he can encompass multiple philosophies, because Leonardo Da Vinci was not just an artist but he was also a scientist. In one of his artworks uses mechanics and arts in one piece that was “Leonardo’s Crossbow” (Da Vinci 1489). How I used the characteristic that Leonardo Da Vinci uses his knowledge of other philosophies was to choose another artwork that also encompasses other philosophies was choosing to imitate the work “Fetus in the Womb” (Da Vinci 1510-1513).

Not also does Leonardo Da Vinci encompasses multiple philosophies he also uses hatching and cross hatching a lot in his artwork to create the illusion of space and curves, and also how Leonardo Da Vinci was able to master almost any median given to him; for example: marble, oil, fresco paint, ink, and etc:.Leonardo Da Vinci is famous til this day and known as all, why? Because of one of his most famous painting named “The Mona Lisa” (Da Vinci 1503) this painting many remixes have been made of this painting, also it gave more recognition to his other works. Another reason why Leonardo Da Vinci is famous is because of his activiness in the renaissance movement trying to master almost every philosophy that existed and he almost did, contributing majorly in each one; for example: inspired the White brothers in making the first airplane with his sketches of “Flying Machine” (Da Vinci 1485). My personal favorite from Leonardo Da Vinci is his work “The Last Supper” (Da Vinci 1495-1498), and “the Last Supper is what Dante would have called alta fantasia (elevated fantasy)” (Kemp 176).The most significant work by Leonardo Da Vinci that inspired me to choose him over all other works and artist was the work “The Fetus in the Womb” (Da Vinci 1510-1513). One reason why “The Fetus in the Womb” (Da Vinci 1510-1513) work compelled me to choose it was the fact of how Leonardo Da Vinci was able to create a correct image of a actually fetus in the womb without having dissected a pregnant woman, also how he was able to get such detail and illusion from his median.

Another reason why I choose ” The Fetus in the Womb” (Da Vinci 1510-1513) is because of how easy it is to control the median of ink, because we are trained in using this median since the age of five; so, we have experience in using it. Not only do we have experience with ink, but also ink can be smudged out to create shadow and hatched and cross hatched to create space, shade, and curves.


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