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Last updated: April 10, 2019

IntroductionWhat is Pharmaceutical Legislation?Pharmaceutical legislation is a term which involves relation to manufacturing, importing, distribution, marketing, prescribing, labelling with its own country language, dispensing, licensing, inspection and often a change of pricing of pharmaceutical products. History about how pharmaceutical legislation come about is the country in South America Venezuela during the year of 1883 and slowly over the years it expands the pharmaceutical laws and regulation creating new rules and organization. Following countries would be country in North African Tunisia during the year 1942, country in North-Western Europe Netherlands during the year 1956, country in Northern Europe Estonia during the year 1991 and other countries slowly adopt these laws and adjust as such with their own languages. Till now pharmaceutical laws have been regularly revised and up to date.It is necessary to implement pharmaceutical laws and regulations because factors of ineffective therapeutic effect, poor quality design or toxicity of the medicines can lead to therapeutic failure. And therapeutic failure equals to increasing the severity of the disease, the body reacts in a resistance way to the medicine and can be a life threatening which is death.

The core foundation is to have confidence in health systems, health professionals, pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors sectors. Pharmaceutical legislation is required to protect the public health from harm and that is why to achieve that governments need to approve the aspect laws and regulations. Effectiveness to ensure that the manufacture, trade and the use of medicines are controlled properly. The crucial part is that the public has access to accurate information on the medicine that they bought.

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