This development plan will attempt to highlight how I will grow as a person and as a leader.
It will include personal strengths, weaknesses and practices that I will use to become an effective
leader. I will identify several areas that are needed for improvement.
Included in this paper, I will outline my goals that I consider a priority and a timeline for this
development. The overall result will be a comprehensive leadership plan of development that I
will use to develop myself as well as the organization that I work for. Since my early thirties I
have worked for government service which is a place that has strong core values and has a great
mission. I graduated from Wayland Baptist University with a Master’s Degree in
management/Human Resources. This college strives to educate students in an academically
challenging, learning-focused and distinctively Christian environment for professional success
and service to God and humankind. Since attending Wayland I’ve grown
intellectually and I have learned to think critically. I have developed leadership skills, self-
discipline and the attitudes essential for becoming confident, capable and responsible. An
effective leader empowers and build trust in the people they work with.
My plans are to have completed a Doctorate Degree within the next six years. I plan to give
back to the university in which I graduated in 2010 by becoming a human resource
management instructor. In order to accomplish this, I must seek out universities that offer the
plan that I want to pursue. I will have to apply by submitting my application for acceptance and
consider the cost for the PhD. I have plans to have my degree in approximately 6 years by the
time I retire from government service. In order to meet my goal, I will stay proactive by keeping
up with all letters submitted to colleges of my choice. I must keep contact with professionals and
mentors. Keeping up with up to date knowledge of pursuing and also read guides on how to get
accepted into the desired university that I want to attend. Making sure, I keep in contact with my
career advisor, websites, mentors and the professional of the university I plan to attend. This plan
will benefit my organization by applying what I study to use while on the job .
Core Values

The Core values that are important to me consist of having courage to move beyond fear

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when times becomes challenging, having the courage to step up and reach out for what I want to

achieve will allow me to reach my goal without hesitation, being honest at all times, self-

discipline, having integrity and being consistent with my actions, values, words and moral

values. I’m accountability for my action and responsibilities assigned. I dedicate myself to all

areas of my life and stand by what I believe in. Being the leader that I am requires me to lead by

example. The people that I work with are watching what and how I do things and I believe this

gives them the desire to become like me. I believe in these core values because I want to earn the

respect of others which is important because I believe it is the foundation of leadership. These

are values and beliefs that affect my everyday life. The employees that I mentor is watching and

doing what they see before them. I believe in myself and others trust me because of my actions.


My vision is to use my gifts of charisma to attract, intelligence to learn, inspirational to
inspire, motivate to keep going, develop to advance, mentor to guide and to influence other to
become all they can be.
Important strengths that I exhibit include being organized, accountable, articulate,

dependable, determined, task-oriented, confident, effective planner, my strong strength is to

inspire because once a group of people believe in something they are easily motivated to move

forward. I also have the ability to manage resources effectively. By being organized it allows me

to set limits that we can work within to achieve the overall goals that the job requires. Structure

builds bonds and a sense of cohesiveness in the workplace. We as a team that has bonded will

need this type of unity for the success of the organization. We can all work towards common

goals if clear goals are outlined for everyone. I believe the strength that I have will all work


Combining these skills will allow me to have followers that are knowledgeable and eager to

get going on the journey to achieving the organization goals. I plan to apply my resource

management skills effectively. Everyone in the organization have something to contribute and I

embrace and encourage these differences so that we all feel and know that we are valuable to our


It is important to have positive attributes that will enhance our working relationships. I have

also called myself a “work-a-holic”, someone who works hard at all the time and have a passion

for working hard. I began a project and see it through meaning from beginning to end.


One of my weaknesses that I’m striving to correct is the resistant to change, change is always
difficult because you become comfortable to the way things are. Most of us become fearful of
the unknown and do not have a desire to learn new things. By being resistant to change it can
prevent growth in developing and growth in the organization. I have a colleague
who is in another area provides me feedback on how I’m handling my position as the Senior
Staffer. She has offered me opportunities to move with promotion to her area. I do not have the
desire to change into another area of Human Resources at this time. I have
chosen to stay in the area where I am because I like what I do and I have confident that I will
advance to the next level. I have been told several that my promotion is in the works.
The only threat I see in achieving this degree is losing two hours a day on the road
commuting back and forth. This will take time away from my studies. The evening traffic is
really busy and is causing delays. As I age, it is becoming very stressful. The city is adding
more roads and overhead roads as well which cause confusion on the roads as well.
Action Plan:
Pursuing a doctorate will be my long-term goal. I will be pursuing this degree online because
I am a full-time employee. My studies will help me in my current position. By obtaining a PhD. I
will become the Instructor that I plan to be once I retire. I will start preparing by make a list of
universities that I have researched and have interest that offers a doctorate degree, I will contact
the college in writing, e-mails and through phone calls. Staying in contact with my mentor and
professional colleagues for advice. I will make sure I plan out the scheduled classes required to
finish and plan it by date to have it complete by the year of 2024. I have saved enough to pay and
have a planned budget that will align with my degree plan. I will have reminders in my planner
on what steps to take day to day to stay on track and to measure my progress of my goal. and
follow through. By the end of 2018 I plan to have sent out letters and have contacted colleges.
May 2019, I plan to be enrolled into a college of my choice with acceptance. I have the
Knowledge Skills and Abilities’ to get this accomplished and feel that it’s workable. The results
will allow me to teach in an environment that I enjoy and to continue to learn after retirement.
The completion date for earning a PhD in Management is May of 2024. There is no sense of
urgency because I have time to get this accomplished.
Education is the process of facilitating learning, beliefs, skills and values. Furthering my
education, will help me to gain confidence and prepare me for challenges of everyday life in my
retirement years. I will use my education as a method of teaching at the college that I obtained
my master’s degree as a way of giving back. Even though it will be challenging, I can overcome
my fears and stay focused until I reach my highest potential academically and professionally and
become a successful person as well as a leader. Education is a form of empowerment. It offers a
chance for opportunity in today’s world. I have the discipline and the attitudes essential for
being the confident person that I am, capable and responsible obtaining my PhD.


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