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Last updated: March 27, 2019

Introduction This assignment will focus on professional values, attitudes and behaviors regarding what is best practice within nursing and look at the NMC Code (2010), taking into consideration the 6 C’s and including ethics of nursing. It will discuss the Rolfe et al (2001) reflective model ‘What, Now What and So What?’ to evaluate why it is important to be a reflective nurse and contemplate how ethics, dignity and respect can all play its role within effective practice. The assignment will finally discuss how the situation can ‘reflection offers a focus for caring and to become more self aware of the contradictions that exist between how we would like to practice, and how we actually do’ Consequently, it will evaluate the ethics and laws that can protect people like Joe in care homes and why it is important to adhere to person centered care and what role the nurse can play in this. What? From the scenario Call me Joe (NMC, 2010a) Joe lives in a care home, this is apparent as he was woken up by two healthcare staff at 5:14 am who entered his room and called him Joseph, they proceeded to pull open the curtains, he also mentioned that he was unable to look after himself so had to move after his wife passed away. Neither of the care staff socialised or communicated with Joe personally, instead they were communicating about irrelevant things instead of building a relationship with a resident as they were getting him out of bed. Joe seemed to accept this as a normal way of living, as he stated ‘they are very busy’ however he doesn’t complain about it. Neither of the care home staff asked if Joe wanted to get dressed or have any personal care, such as emptying his catheter or having a shower, something which is important to his self-identification and explained that his catheter pulled him. Whilst this was happening, there was also no dignity and privacy for Joe, as a nurse had walked past and spoke to the care staff about a meeting.

Joe had mentioned that he was mobile with a frame when he first moved in, however he was put in a wheelchair showing that his mobility has decreased, again adding to a loss of self-identification. Joe hadn’t been offered a choice of both where he would like to sit in the dining room, as well as what he would like to eat and drink, he stated that he filled in a form when he first moved in stating his meal preferences and that he liked his tea hot, however this seems to have been neglected as he had porridge and lukewarm tea. Joe had explained that he wanted his glasses and several times asked for them, but this is something else that the staff had ignored, the kitchen staff had then ignored the fact Joe hadn’t eaten anything without offering an alternative, nor asking if he was alright, instead he was victim blamed when he said he wanted his glasses. Another issue regarding choice that the staff have not recognised is that he wants to be called Joe and not Joseph. It is clear that things which are important to Joe are his family, his wife and looking presentable. It is also clear by the film that his self-esteem has begun to diminish as his expression whilst sat was showing that, also how he has accepted being disrespected and not having his choices met or even considered.

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