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INTRODUCTIONThe recommendation for project management framework in construction industries. Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements. Project management processes are initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, controlling and closing out report. (Kloppenborg, T, J. 2013).

Project Management framework add value to Construction Industries by outlining a body of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques that’s improve performance and project success. Project Management setting priorities for construction project to start and follow to make project successful. Project management have a major role in building and construction deal with policies, procedures and control of the project and their progress.The management of construction projects requires knowledge of project management as well an understanding of the design and construction process. Project management is the art of directing and coordinating human and material resources throughout the life of a project by using project management techniques to achieve objectives of scope, cost and quality. Project management processes are initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, controlling and closing out report. (Kloppenborg, T, J.

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2013).This project management process to follow and it’s very helpful to manage a project and make it successful.SCOPE STATEMENTLyle Construction Project goals to design, engineer and construct a polypropylene plant in Louisiana.

Lyle project objective to build’s this plant and completed on time since their competitor was also in the process of preparing to build a similar facility in the same general location. Lyle Construction Project is committed to implementing effective project management solution at all levels of their projects. I will engage in analyse and interpreting over eight weeks period, from Quarter 4 of 2017 to Quarter 1 of 2018 for approximately fourteen hours per week. I will analyse and come up with a solution for development of The Lyle Construction Project progress.

After collection of the data about the Lyle Construction Project scenario and my recommended project management solution will benefit the entire Lyle project. I will analyse it using qualitative and quantitative analysis and proceed with research draft.At the end of my analysis and research, my recommendation and detailed research project management report to the upper management and everyone involved in this project. It will outline the problems faced by the Lyle construction project with their current project. Lyle Construction Project would be able to benefit from implementing an appropriate project management solution for their project progress. BACKGROUNDThe construction sector in New Zealand generates more than $30 billion in revenues annually and plays a fundamental role in economy.

It employs around 170,000 people in a wide variety of occupations. (The New Zealand Sectors Report 2013). The construction sector increasing according to the increases in population and migration. Increasing in building more housing and more redevelopment areas for Housing New Zealand. Government injecting $100 m in social housing reform and a solution for New Zealand housing constraints in all over the country.According to KPMQ report, New Zealand’s efforts to gain a bigger slice of the global, multi-billion-dollar conventions industry will need expert marketing and relationship-building to succeed.

Building four new convention centres proposed in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown. It’s possible investment for about $940 million for those projects. It shows us that there are more construction project and more development project in New Zealand. Technology and innovation have change the way of building and construction in all over New Zealand. MILESTONE SCHEDULE WITH ACCEPTANCE CRITERIAMILESTONE COMPLETION DATE STAKEHOLDER JUDGE ACCEPTANCE CRITERIAPrepare research proposal 06 November 2017 Academic Supervisor Limitation of information and expected outcome of the projectApproval first draft 08 November 2017 Academic Supervisor Follow Chartering, initiating, organising projectsProject Planning Proposal completion 12 November 2017 Academic Supervisor Define major deliverable and set project boundariesComplete analysis and interpretation information 01 February 2018 Academic Supervisor Project Management theory, tools and techniques been apply.Prepare and submit final report 30 April 2018 Academic Supervisor Project management process are related to final close outProject Presentation completion 30 April 2018 Academic Supervisor, Course coordinator, Business Development Coordinator Presented in a professional way of communicationPROJECT DELIVERABLESThere are deliverables which will be produced as a result of the successful completion of the Lyle Construction Project. The Project Manager is responsible for ensuring the completion of these deliverables for the progress of the project.? Deliverable 1-Successfully improve respond procedures in all levels of communication.

? Deliverable 2- Successfully improve planning and successful corporate culture and come up with a solution.? Deliverable 3-Successfully implement more line management support and good employee morale for more improvement. ? Deliverable 4 –Successfully improve process report and progress report in every departments. RISKS, ASSUMPTIONS AND CONSTRAINTSRisk management is not the responsibility of a single department, it is the responsibility of everyone from the high management position to the lower level position. Due to the time constraints of this quarter and the research completion date, it might result in a research that might miss out some important information. Some important information are limited in internet and textbooks. In project cycle, assumption must be made to identify and mitigate any risk.

These constraints planned for to prevent any impact on project schedule, cost and scope for stakeholders.ASSUMPTIONS CONSTRAINTS RISKStaying within the budget and finish on time. The fact that they were also constraints by time and cost as well as performance.

Behind schedule and over budgetAll resources are available for use Not being able to utilizing all resources and overrun their man hour allocation by 6000 hours. Over allocate resource and tasks or poor skillful workersResources hired are fully skilled with experience for the tasks Engineering design professionals to provide sufficient manpower to complete the design within a reasonable time limit. Lack of consistency. Inexperience staffs are not performance to the standard. Construction supervisors with capacity and experience to direct large projects.

Poor leadership and not skillful Project manager to lead the project.PROJECT COMMUNICATION PLANGood project communication build trust with team members and stakeholders. Project communication plan shows what, who, how and when information will be deliver to project stakeholders or anyone who needs project information to make decisions and contribute to project progress. Communication helps to lead cooperation, coordination and project success.STAKEHOLDERS LISTStakeholders Priority Interest in ProjectTania Parker-Academic Supervisor Key ? Direct and guide assessment and feedback for more improvement for my project.? More communication for project process.

Educational Provider-MIT Other ? Organise coarse are available for Co-op projectSam-Business Development Coordinator Key ? Provide work placement for studentsRenuka-Course Coordinator Key ? Involve in coarse material for projectPROJECT METHODOLOGYThis research will implement both qualitative and quantitative research method and also collecting data for this research.? Write a research report that combines my understanding in project management relates to Lyle Construction Project. Analyse and interpret the research data and write final report.

? Case Studies- collection information about every problems and use project management process and apply to it. The objective is to find a solution and investigate some project management theory that fit in for Lyle Construction Project. This method waterfall help out to plan and managing projects. One task is to be completed before the next task begins and easy to understand the sequence of the tasks. In relating to my project, it’s easy to estimate cost, create timeline and shows clear deadline of my project.

This method shows the status updates that we deliver to the higher management position, stakeholders and customers. It’s also very useful in building and construction for future use and project progress. The critical path method deal with critical path, some tasks you can’t start until the previous tasks has been finish. It’s clearly show me how to prioritise and allocate resources to get the important work done.

When project schedule need to be changes, the adjustment of teams work process won’t affect the end result of manage a project progress.SIGNATURE/COMMITMENTSLyle Construction, Project Client Lyle Construction Project Sponsor Sioeli MafiProject ManagerREFERENCESLarson, E. W; Honig, B; Gray, C. F; Dantin, U; Baccarini, D. (2014). Project Management; The Management Process. NSW, Australia: McGraw-Hill Education.Kloppenborg, T, J.

(2013). Contemporary Project Management: Organize/Plan/Perform 3rd Edition; Stamford, CT, USA: Cengage Learning.New Zealand Government: The New Zealand Report; 2013 retrieved on 7th November 2017 from http://www.mbie.govt.

nz/info-services/business/business-growth-agenda/sectors-reports-series/pdf-image-library/construction-report/construction-report.pdf Parker, T (2017); Lecturer Notes (Level 7) – Risk Management retrieved from https://canvas.manukau. on December 8th 2017.Wrike: Project Management Guide, 2006-2017 from on December 5th 2017.KPMG (2017): “Make it or break It” retrieved on 6th December 2017 from https://assets. Kerzner, H.R. (2010): Project Management case studies retrieved on 5th December 2017 from file:///C:/Users/mafi1_000/Downloads/Project_Management_Case_Studies_—-_(Part_17_Industry_Specific_Construction)%20(8).pdf


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