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Last updated: November 21, 2019

INTRODUCTION The Internet has revolutionized the whole world. The world has become a global village.

Internet has now become the part of life. It is now used in almost every home, school, colleges, universities and other organizations. It has shortened the distances between each other. Everyone in the world is getting benefit from the services of internet. Internet is used in almost every field of life. Whether it is the field of computer or medical science.

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WHAT IS INTERNET? Internet can be defined as “The network of networks. In internet, different networks and computers and interconnected with each other through wires or wireless connections.”A group of computers connected together for the use of information is known as a computer network. The computers can be connected through telephone lines or satellite.PROS AND CONS Internet has various services and it is providing many benefits to its users but everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let us discuss some of these.PROS OF INTERNET There are many advantages of internet but we will discuss a few of them.

1) Online education The major use of internet is online education. Online education has become the need of every organization. It provides education to those who cannot come physically to attend lectures. So it would be at ease for them to attend lecture online, join discussions on different topics and they have much advantage as they can pause or rewind the lecture for their ease.Moreover, different organizations are working on online education so that every person can avail cost free education. Online education is cost free, effective, and also comfortable.

The whole internet is filled with a lot of information. If a person has internet, he can get information about anything he wants. 2) Online shopping Internet has also revolutionized the way of shopping. Now using internet, a person can buy anything he wants to. Many organizations are providing this facility and users are availing this facility free of cost. This is also the most important feature of internet. Some examples of these websites are Amazon, ebay, yayo, and Alibaba etc.


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