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Last updated: March 25, 2019

Introduction –the emirates is considered as one of the most efficient and known for its punctuality since its establishment in 1985 .it started with two aircraft in the beginning and now it has increased its flight to a great number and its major flights are Boeing and airbus ,it mainly give emphasis on the satisfaction of passengers as a result it delivers comfortable and wide range of aircraft to fly in and across boundaries ,features like entertainment ,luxury and effective food and beverages facilities are also present with world class and cooperative cabin crews and other members .on 25th October they launched its first flight and the routes was from Dubai .in the coming years from 2017 they started to explore new destinations namely Athens ,Zagreb and penh. They have developed various flights in the form of emirates A380 and it was manufactured in Hamburg .Emirates introduced later private aircrafts and introduced it at Dubai air show and in the present stage it is known for its best aircraft and considered as one of the best airlines in the world .

it has been awarded by various organizations and now most of the beaurocrats and celebrities travel through the emirates frequently.Problems faced by human resource management- leadership issues-HR is one of the important factors which can’t be neglected by various companies it is one of the most factor for various companies based on service sector .any company which is related to man power needs to give emphasis on human resource management but it is overlooked frequently management firms and companies struggle mainly on motivation and cooperation .

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As a result when there is a downfall, it effects immensely first of all lack of commitment of the leader effects the worker ,as the leader cant justify the work of the project the requirements a leader must be vigilant to work for the companies betterment and he lay the path for the workers to progress.Financial issues –financial issues is one of the most important requirement for the development of the organization or firm .it requires implementation step by step in required stages and progress throughout .

the tools needed for manufacturing ,their maintenance , transportation cost vary day by day and with every aspects as the work progresses. It becomes very difficult to evaluate in a whole work accordingly Social issues-As the companies work is related with the work force and management there situation arises of conflicts among workers as well as other issues .a sound leader should be eligible enough to cope up with the conflicts and resolve it so that it does not arise again .the crew members usually have to deal with passengers of various types and everyone in this world does not have the same mentality as a result conflict arises among them and ultimately it is a huge loss for the organization or company .people from various tribes ,caste ,religion travel through so a cabin crew should behave partially to tackle any situation. As emirates are globally based airline racism also becomes major issue to cope up.So based on the above problems the firms should be cautious in dealing with all the circumstances Efficient leader-As the days are progressing the constraints are increasing day by day related to management it is becoming difficult for the leaders, masters ,head s to cope up with the challenges day by day the leaders are getting no time in explaining briefly to the workers the day to day problems as a result the work load is increasing and the results of the work is below per day by day ,to set programs related to problem solving is very necessary .the organization should recruit leaders in every branches who can lead from the front and to motivate them to face any kind of challenges the requirement is to work together in every steps to fruitfully run the organization and solving the complicative issues .Recruitment process-The organization should know first what kind of employees are required for the organization and then start the requirement process accordingly .if the organization requires to deal with every organization day to day ,they should hire such and by proper interview .the remuneration and salaries of the employees based on the work .To gather information what others- same organization is paying for what kind of work and effectively set their images to the candidates and also to select a candidates seeing the capability of becoming a future leader .Productivity and training –After the completion of the first step next comes guiding the employees in such a way that they can evaluate, manage the work,motivating the workers in such a way that they can sustain the downfall in crisis situation and manage the problems accordingly .the enterprise needs to make the workers efficient in such a way that they can work in and out of the organization to resolve the issues and also for the brighter future .Career progression techniques-Study of environment –the environment play a major role in aviation organizations ,the leaders and workers need to have a very clear idea about how to understand the environment situation necessary to fly or else it can led to massive loss for the organization .environmental issues are not in any individual hand so it is needed to be very careful to observe the ideas relating to it .Political challenges –in the modern era the political factors play a major role in running of any organization whether its aviation or any mncs the flexibility of behaving with different parties needs to be taken care as it can effect if political parties find anything lagging.Geographical factors-the aviation department needs to know the proper place from where they can be benefitted as the UAE is known for its fuel efficiency and availability so the emirates needs to build a good relation with the area and people where they can get smooth running of fuel which needs the most for the organization Evolving and exploring new thoughts –in the present centuary there is a competition running around every organization or firms so moving with a common and old idea is very difficult so for the betterment of the organization it is necessary for the emirates to evolve new ideas to cope up with the competition and move forward in a broader way.Goodwill –Any organization whether its aviation or firms those who deals with customers mainly requires to maintain a good reputation towards their customers or passengers ,any misdeeds will lead to losing of customers and a major setback for the company .weakness-Every organization has its strength and weaknesses so it is very important for the company to focus on its weaknesses and workout on resolving the issues and minimize the issues related to it one of the major weaknesses of emirates is higher price of tickets ,which the customers are not comfortable ,so if the organization can improve on it ,it can run more smoother Factors that will lead to successful contribution-1)Renewable energy –gathering power from renewable energy will lead to a major improvement in the organization.the organization will gain immensely by nature and becoming dependend on other external factors


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