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Last updated: December 20, 2019

IntroductionSocial media is controversy topic in 21st century.

Social media has had a huge impact on the societies of developed nations. Nowadays, social media has changed the way people communicate with each other because all the incidents are happening in the world are presenting on social media. The advantages of social media in business communication outweighs the disadvantages. Business gives individual work, it helps our economy and furthermore it enables us to have a greater quality of life. There are few factors that can impact a business, these elements include internal and external impacts. Internal communication takes place between employees within the organization and external business takes place in the individuals which are outside from the organization. This essay first explores the positive influence on internal and external business communications on social media.Social media is not a old concept but it has become a new trend in communication of individuals throughout the world (Edosomwan et al.

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, 2011). With the evolution of social media, most of the sites of social networking came into existence during 21st century. The result of a survey by BRANDfog (2013) proved that social media is an important communication channel for the leaders such as CEO’s, HR managers to engage with the customers and investors and it also helps to increase the brand loyalty in the market. There are so many benefits of social media.

Charles (2012) further explained that social media become an instrument for effective leadership who are better capable of leading a company. Nowadays social media and its tools started people influencing. This influence has forced business to revolutionize their communication with the external environment. During a time of crisis, social media helps to manage and survive a business in the market because crises can be characterized as circumstances which can bring about a major organizational loss where there is a period strain to decide (Mikusova,2014).

In a effective crises communication, simply speaking with the media isn’t adequate. In the meantime, being a relationship is additionally essential with different gatherings for example- government executors, workers, financial groups and consumers. Institutions are judged for their state of mind and conduct towards the emergency, instead of the reasons of emergency. This shows that their attitude will be impressive, moderate and consistent (Meer & Verhoeven, 2014; Rutsaert & et al., 2014).Social media used by all the companies such as small, medium and big enterprises. Social media takes the reputation of the company in the sky by doing advertisement and publicity.

In a company making a good communication with employee is a big challenge for leaders. Hola (2012) describes that internal communication has important impact on company’s operations such as job performance, work behavior and attitudes of employee. 80% of the employees of the organization agree with the statement that internal communication affect their working environment like job performance, behavior in employees. The internal communication directly impacts the working of the common connection between the organization and its employees. Unfortunately the significance of internal communication is not sufficiently understood in managerial task. Detert and Burris (2007) describes that in a company communication is a two-way process. It’s between the organization and representatives is expected to share their emotions and encounters.

Both upward and downward communication impacts organization’s sound development and furthermore a feeling of having a place as representatives feel that they are esteemed individuals from the association.


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