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Last updated: March 18, 2019

IntroductionOrganisation culture is an integral part of an organisational life.

It helps in shaping the personal identity, behavior, and guides the organisations members. It enhances the stability of the organisation. Qantas is a strong, globally competitive aviation business which is the sum of its skilled, passionate and diverse workforce. Qantas encourages working together, collaboratively and maintaining high standards of ethics. Qantas as an organisation is multicultural; it aims to provide a workplace that is free from any discrimination.

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The organisation has set group policies, high values, and norms which are followed by all the employees. It promotes an inclusive and collaborative work culture.What are the key components of the official corporate culture promoted by the organisation’s senior managers? Qantas is known for its highly skilled, engaged workforce to deliver their strategy and foster innovation. Their people strategy aims to build a diverse, inclusive and resilient culture to maximize engagement and performance, and remain an employer of choice in Australia. The Qantas culture is framed by five group beliefs:• Everyone has the right to return home safely;• Customers determine our success;• Being fit, agile and diverse organisation drives organisation, drives innovation and simplicity;• Working together in an inclusive manner always delivers the best group outcome; and• Each employee deserves respect, trust, and good leadership.

Strong employee relations are the foundation for constructive industrial relations, minimizing risk to operational stability, brand reputation, and future earnings. Engagement Survey–Qantas Group Engagement Score History1 Engagement Score The top management tries to create a platform to recruit fresh talent. Leadership, talent and succession planning is driven by our executive-led talent and leadership advisory group. Qantas value the diversity of thought and experience and believe in a collaborative culture.

2. How prominent are ethical norms in the organisation’s espoused values? The Qantas group has eight board approved Non-Negotiable business principles which bring together the behaviors and values:• The organisation is committed to safety as a first priority;• It complies with laws and regulations;• It treats people with respect;• Qantas acts with honesty and integrity, upholding ethical standards;• Qantas is committed to true and fair financial reporting;• It is committed to environmental sustainability;• Qantas is responsible for safeguarding Qantas group reputation, brands, property, assets, and information; and • It proactively manages risks.The principles of Qantas are the foundation for their group policies. Their supporting training programs ensure that group policies and principles are understood and constantly applied in the business. Qantas’ values support the vision ‘to be a great airline those champions are the spirit of Australia and are: Together, Genuine, Inventive, optimistic; and Experienced.

Qantas value system helps it to become the great airline. The Qantas group’s approach to creating and protecting long-term value rests on two strategic pillars: Foresight and accountability.3.

Where is the organisation situated on Mary Jo Hatch’s cultural ‘integration-differentiation’ continuum?The integration perspective refers to the existence of consensus at the organisational level and also assumes the prevalent of consistency between the various levels of culture.While differentiation perspective focuses on the study of different subcultures. The organisational structure is defined by the subcultures which are formed around pre-defined categories. The difference between integration and differentiation perspective is not on the level of analysis but the fact that the latter focuses on the more than one subculture, and also the relationship between them.Qantas is situated more on the integration perspective and follows all the aspect of this view than of differentiation perspective.

There is a consensus as it is assumed that everyone who is a part of the organisation will work n an inclusive and collaborative manner. Qantas has set values, beliefs, code of conduct and norms which all the employees have to follow to be able to fit into its culture. In one of their compliance policies, it is made very clear that all their employees are expected to be well aware of and comply with the Qantas group and their other applicable policies. Employees are responsible for their own behavior and action at all times, acting in best interests of the Qantas group, being aware of and complying with applicable policies and should seek advice or authorization before undertaking any action. Breach of any applicable law can result in disciplinary action. Are the subcultural values consistent with the organisation’s corporate culture? If there are no obvious subcultures, how has the organisation achieved a high level of cultural homogeneity? A subculture is a subset of an organisation’s members who interact regularly with one another, identify themselves as a separate group within the organisation, share a common set of problems and take action on the basis of collective understanding unique to the group. Qantas doesn’t have any obvious and prominent subculture as it has very clear, strict, and precise policies on treating everyone equally, promoting equal opportunities and working collaboratively within the organisation. This organisation works in an inclusive environment where employees of all the departments interact with each other, collaborate and work as one Qantas team.

Qantas is committed to building and fostering a culture a culture in which diversity is valued and provide a workplace that is free from discrimination, harassment, and inequality.To achieve a high level of cultural homogeneity, Qantas has stringent policies and prohibitions. The nonnegotiable business principles and group beliefs ensure that all the values and norms are well understood by all the employees and constantly applied in the business. The employees are told about all the ethical code of conduct, policies and the organization’s culture which helps the employees to understand and fit into its culture to retain their position in the organisation. Qantas takes strict action if there is any breach of policy or misconduct.

ConclusionQantas aims to work towards a vision which takes all the people working for it and in it into consideration. It poses high values and norms which help the organisation to have standardized and uniform culture. It works on its policies which are set so that everyone can abide and work according to that fit in the organisations culture.


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