Topic: BusinessIndustry

Last updated: April 27, 2019

IntroductionKriss corporation is a prominent company that deals with manufacturing parts utilized by the automotive industry. The organization’s active domain infrastructure comprises of two main domains. The parent domain is kris.local and the child domain is corp.kri.local. the AD infrustructur of the organization is running on server 2008.

The company has 5 branches located in the cities namely, Chicago (IL), Baltimore (MD), Atlanta (GA), seattle (WA) and San Diego (CA). its manufacturing plants are located in seattle and Atlanta.Recently the company has developed a numbr of concerns relating to its information system. First, the corporation is concerned about adopting multiple domains in its information systems. In addition, some automobile manufacturing companies have approached the corporation and requested it to use a single identity in the rocess of procuring orders. Kris corporation is also concerned with disaster recovery of its systems and physical space of sertvers especially at the Atlanta branch since it is corporations headquatrs. File sharing is also a big concern to the company since the location are connected to the internet independently.

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